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    Blowing 3.2 fustat, instead of wasting fuses coverted to 3 amp breaker. However blows as soon as you turn on pinsetter. Took off cannon plug and jumped a/b. mask,front desk still blows. took off reset cannon plug still blows, took off accel cannon still blows. Weak with electric and weak using meter. Does someone have quick instructions on how to troubleshoot? I printed out electricial page here, but it says us a amp probe (do not have a amp probe type meter.) Thanks for the help in advance

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    As a starting point.... usually you would disconnect all of the low voltage cannon plugs at once, and if the breaker/fuse didn't trip then you would plug each one back in one at a time until it did.

    If you have done that and it still trips your breaker, then you need to check along your deck and turret jam cables for any exposed/brittle wiring. Even the frame counter switch (if your pinsetter has one on.) Sometimes the cable will get up against the belt or moving part and short out.

    Finally carefully look into the circuit box for any wires that could be pinched or rubbing against other wires or the case.
    -- Larry


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      You state that it blows as soon as you turn on the pinsetter so I would be looking at the coil of the motor start relay as it is the last thing that gets the voltage (other than the masking unit and you have ruled that out) when you turn it on. The only other device that you have not mentioned is the time delay module but it is hot all the time and I would suspect that the fuse/breaker would trip as soon as you applied voltage to the pinsetter...not when you try to turn it on.

      Remove wire(s) from one side of the motor start relay coil and try to turn it on. Be sure the wire(s) are protected from touching anything.

      Let us know what you find.
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        Steve: Removed the counter micro and wiring, not being used anymore, then took turret jam wires out, still blows. reinstalled, then deck jam still blows, reinstalled, deck jam same thing. Got to mechanic switch removed the wires going to 5 and 6. turned on no blowing breaker. replaced switch checked and it bows breaker..... motor start relay has a kup style replaced the kup relay and it still blows.


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          Remove the KUP relay and then try to turn it on. Does it blow the fuse then?

          If so...then you will need to remove some wires from TS2 and then reconnect one at a time until it blows the fuse. Remove TS2-2, -3 and -5.

          Be sure the masking unit cannon plug, managers control and the accelerator control cannon plugs are disconnected while doing all of this.

          If it didn't blow the fuse, check the voltage at A and B of the relay base with the switches in the on position and let's see what kind of voltage is present.

          You mentioned that you removed the turret and deck jam switch wires. Where did you remove them from?

          If you removed them from TS2-2, 3 and 5...then disregard the above about removing them from the same place again...lets concentrate on the TS2-5 and 6 connections. If indeed that was how you did this...then you should have a short to ground on one of the two wires going from TS2-5 or 6. Disconnect the wires again, turn the mechanics switch on and measure from a good ground to one of the two wires you removed. Don't allow either to touch ground (or anything else for that matter) while measuring. Your meter should be set to the resistance scale. Do you have continuity to ground?

          Please feel free to give me a call and I can help you walk through this.
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            also dont know or even if you had another scoring system before Qubica but if you did check any low voltage wiring that is still hooked up such as relay board for solenoid , any old electronic triggering wires, take data board. These are things that could short or ground that want disconnect with cannon plugs. Also for grins manualy switch to 2nd ball or check 1-2 ball light switch. Also did anyone just finish doing any kind of work or trouble call when problem started
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              Remove both wires from each jam switch from ts2 then turned power on still blew breaker. Did this for all jam switches.
              Removed wires from a and b from motor start and found no voltage
              I get 24 volts measoring from 6 and 9 on ts2


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                After removing all cannon plugs, and looking for a grounded out wire for what seemed forever, I called Steve Stafford, and Steve walked me through several checks and we finnally found a wire going from the pinsetter to the Qubica Scoring F-box grounding out. Replaced the wiring and were up and running. Thanks Steve


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                  Glad we were able to find the issue.
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