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Turn pan jams


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  • Turn pan jams

    I remember some one had a procedure of eliminating the turn pan cam. I have tried all sorts of cams, original Brunswick cam, PPP turn bars and old turret wires but still get way too many turn pan jams. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Sid

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    If you are getting turn pan jams with all of these devices...odds are you don't have a turn pan issue at all. When you clear the turn pan...what empty wire form in the turret is in front of the cross conveyor? This can possibly let you know what is causing the issue. Cross conveyor switches that are not opening when they should can cause turn pan jams and all of the toys you want to put onto a turn pan is not going to stop jams.

    If the turret is at the 1 or the 3 when you clear the just might be looking at an issue with that switch. Here is the scenario...turret fills with the deck down and more pins are coming up the cross conveyor. The cross conveyor can hold three pins comfortably and should be turning off the magnetic clutch...but lets assume the clutch did not stop due to a bad/sticking switch. Pins keep trying to get into the turn pan. A jam occurs...but then the turret clears and the pins in the cross conveyor start into the turret. If there were 3 pins in the cross conveyor, the turret will fill until the 3 is in front of the cross conveyor. No more pins will come up because of the jam. Now it is possible for a 4th pin to get itself onto the cross conveyor and get cleared as the jam occurs and you will get the 4th pin to the turret. This will place the 1 in front of the cross conveyor. So tracking where the turret is when you catch a turn pan can possibly let you know what might be causing it.

    Hope that helps...
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      I agree with Steve 100%. I personally don't like any kind of pan cam. If the turn pan and pin (wiper) guide is properly adjusted and the pin wheel guide rollers and flanges are good, then there may be other possibility besides Steve's suggestion. Check the Magnetic clutch itself. If the collar on the jack shaft is to tight against the pulley, then the wheel won't stop. Also, check the pin wheel brake. As Steve mentioned about pins in the cross conveyor deactivating the micro switch, the pin wheel brake may not keep the pin wheel from drifting in reverse. This can cause the head of a head first pin to drop down into the pan at a point where when the magnetic clutch re-engages, the pin jams against the inside of the pan.
      You didn't mention if it were just one pin jamming or several.
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        check pin wheel brake too. If cross conveyor is loaded up and pin wheel coasts loading an additionall pin into pan while one is already there causing the jam.

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          Thanks for all the replies. i will check the cross conveyor swich and pw brake. I usually get multable pins jammed but I haven't been pay attention to the turret position. all great feed back and I thank you again and will responed when I find the culpert. Sid


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            If you get through all the above suggestions without finding the problem you may want to look for missing buttons in the pin wheels. Then swap cross conveyor belts from the pinsetter giving you the most jams to another that gives you the least and vice versa. A clue that you have a pinwheel issue may be pins on the floor behind the pinsetter as some pins drop late into the turn pan and others stay in the pin wheel until they are past the turn pan and then drop.


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              I used to grab my chair and just sit and watch a machine run for a while.I'd look at the turn pan,pref system,liftrods,pin detect link and more.Jot down notes if needed.
              Moreso if i had a problem like tpj(turn pan jam).
              A small flashlight,my pop etc and juuust watch them run to try and spot something.
              The same for the topside but w/o a
              LOOKING and WATCHING is a great way to spot things and make corrections or tweaks.The (s.a.w. centers) sit and wait centers i call them,they just wait for problems then fix it,NOT me...i always wanna find it before it happens if i can.
              GREAT-GREAT advise on the posts boy's.


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