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Ballwheel Kicker to use ??


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  • Ballwheel Kicker to use ??

    Was curious what everyone is using for kicker strips on their ballwheels and which vendor to get them from. We currently are using the black conveyor belting from Quality. It comes in 25' roll and are nice..but..once they get flat after a few months they suck! Ive used random conveyor type belting from local belting companies..but was wondering if using something from Brunswick, Quality, Vantage is better way to go.


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    I have always depended on rubberized cork gasket material, found at most auto parts stores. It comes in sheets; and there are two types: peel & stick and glue-on. I've cut them in strips of about a foot long by an inch and a half wide; install three or four per lane (90 to 120 degrees apart). Works like a champ.

    But, the real key issue is that kicker strips are a "last resort." Once your ball wheels are in alignment and the lift rods are set properly (look for Peanuts or Steve Stafford's lift rod alignment steps), apply the kicker strips. Also, wipe down your ball wheels with a clean dry rag on a daily basis.


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      I use the cork strips that EBN sells. You can buy cork from the auto parts stores or from industrial supply companys but I would recommend to get it from a bowling supply. I was buying from MSC and it was fine for a while but then their vendor changed it and it is now crap. I used to get 6 months out of it and now lucky to get 1 month!!! I get an average of 1 year out of the cork EBN sells.
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        EBN kicker strip


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          EBN high grip traction material. Best ive seen with todays lane conditions.

          Remove all exsisting kickers, clean all residues off the wheel.

          prep the surface in which you are going to install kicker on with isopropyl alcohol, then apply to wheel. i use a deck roller assembly to make sure it is stuck evenly across the wheel.


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            I agree,

            EBN traction material is the best i have seen in my 25 years....



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              Vantage here v-100 work great.


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                1.6mm thick Neoprene (rubberised) Cork here. Last me about 4-6 months. One 6ft length 1-1/8" wide per machine.

                As mentioned, you want the rods aligned so the ball travels nearest to the centre of the wheel for maximum performance.
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                  I use stuff some stuff that was recommended to me a few years ago from somebody on BT from McMasters-Carr. Whole lot cheaper than the stuff from Brunswick, Classic, Vantage, etc. And with a 44 lane house 3 rolls usually last me 4-5 months.
                  You can find it here. The part number is: 94545K59.
                  You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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                    I went to EBN website. It is called High Traction Cork Material?


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                      im using tech lines insta grip and I like them. Since I have to order from certian vendors I cant get the cork.


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                        Originally posted by CHIP300 View Post
                        I went to EBN website. It is called High Traction Cork Material?

                        (Psalm 37:29) The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it.


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                          I was given 5 1 foot strip cork strips that are self adhesive, yesterday I noticed one of my machines I put these on (2 strips) was getting black smudges all over the pins. After checking everything for leaks drips etc. I found the kickers were getting soaked with oil and doing that to the pins. I have been using the 10 foot roll of cork and love them, I only tried these 1 footers on 2 machines.


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                            I used to use tech lines insta grip till I found the cork , which was 1/3 the price of tech line. Schemms also carries the same roll as EbN.
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                              till one of my 2 approved venders gets the cork. I will use the tech line product.


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