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A couple problems I got *My thinking Face*


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  • A couple problems I got *My thinking Face*

    Ok so my Head Mechanic hasn't fixed these two lanes so we just leave them down and I get yelled at every day, because a lane isn't supposed to have 18 pins in it and if that is the case then its not fixed!!!!!

    On so lane 13-

    It took me a long time to do this since I have no training and had to go off of a phone call with the old HM lol,
    So if the deck is full of pins and someone gets a strike the machine just sits and waits for a full set of pins and once it gets them it double pins the deck and goes down and sometimes blacks out. So i've checked the long link and oiled a few things on and cleaned it cause it was gross lol, and then re-oiled it up and still no luck. And then I was watching the fingers and the only thing that looks off if that when the deck comes up from laying pins down that the right blocking finger stays up and then it drops after all 10 pins go in and stays down. I really don't know if thats correct if its supposed to do that almost all my machines do that....

    On lane 14-

    Once in awhile the deck will go down to put pins and and it doesn't it just comes back up and you then have to flick the 180-link to get it to work but its really annoying to have to run back every 5 mins to do that!!! And then like also with this machine if it does that and goes into the full 180 it then does what 13 does where it double pins and blacks out!

    And I've been trying to fix these lanes but like no one at work believes me thats someone is wrong with them, they think that I don't know what I'm doing and I gotta say im pretty good at this lol, its really not that hard to observe and find the problem (Some times) LOL And since I'm the only mechanic at night and we only busy at that time I know what needs to be fixed.

    Also I have problems getting the lift rods to stay adjusted I don't know what I'm doing wrong but like one day they work fine but the next I can't get a 10 pound ball to make it up and they got new pads on them clean wheel and like new pads on the lift rods, its just annoying to me I'm trying to fix all the ball wheels to work since I have ball returns all night and its rather annoying me lol

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    On lanes 13 and 14 it sounds to me like you need to try a 180 interlock adjustment. Adjustment 3-15 in the manual.

    With the lift rods there are supposed to be jam nuts to keep the adjustments from moving once they are made. With all of the movement that these things make during normal use, if the jam nuts aren't there, or aren't tightened after the adjustments are made, it wouldn't take long for them to need adjusting again.
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      On lane 13 - get your moving deck full of pins, with no pins on the floor. Cycle machine and stop it at 90 degrees (all the way down the first time) look and see if there is any clearance between the roller on the deck shaft and the link at the rear. You might have a turret out of level and itf the link gets contacted by the roller on the deck shaft, the machine is losing its full deck signal. This is adjustment #12 in the service manual.
      Look at this -

      With #14 check your dashpot adjustment - adjustment #10 in the service manual. If you adjust this and it works for a while and then seems to lose the adjustment, check the clutch reset lever for a crack, normally down by the bearing that is riding on the cam. It can be hard to spot at times.

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        Yah for 13-14 that sounds kinda right I think the Link is to low its scraping against everything, but didn't know if that was normal and for the lift rods yah I know they move but like sometimes it takes me like an hr to get them to work idk why lolo


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          I have already adjusted the dashpot on 14 but like it didn't really work its like every two or three frames it doesn't put pins down, and idk with 13 i'll look when I get to work


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            If your machine always double dumps after a strike, it may not be short stroking. Deck lowering hook latch adjustment.
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              Its not like every single time but nearly, I'll check the hook latch when I get in ty


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                In the future...start a seperate thread for each problem instead of combining them into one thread. The responses can be difficult to keep straight.
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                  Replace your head mechanic !!


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                    Also check your drip pans to make sure they are not hooked under the 180 deg interlock link.
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                      Originally posted by Popeye View Post
                      Also check your drip pans to make sure they are not hooked under the 180 deg interlock link.
                      those drip pans are nothin but a headache sometimes.. lol....
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                        Lol replace him, I try haha
                        And next time ill split the problems up.

                        On 13 I adjusted the dashpot a bit and its working but just without 2 pins so it's ok I guess.
                        And 14 im still working on...


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                          On lane 13 you can check if the plain oilite is broken that is attached to the rear of the long link. There is a steel roller that slips over it that the hook latch catches when the long link is pushed backwards. It's not uncommon for the oilite to break and cause intermittent double dumps. Less common is the tiny flanged oilite at the front of the long link that can break.

                          You need to clarify what exactly is happening on 14. Use the terms 'setting new pins' and 're-spotting' with as much detail and correct part names as you can. We can only guess what might be happening.
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