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Recycling pinsetter, interlock adjustment?


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  • Recycling pinsetter, interlock adjustment?

    I have Brunswick A Machine. The pinsetter is recycling nearly every time. I found that when I have the machine in a regular 180, waiting for pins, there is no gap between the rear face of the projection on the clutch release lever and the surface of the clutch actuator lever. The service manual calls for 1/4".

    This could be the problem or just a result of the problem, I'm not sure. My question is: how do I adjust the interlock in order to reestablish that 1/4" gap (if you believe that to actually be the problem)?

    I'm a relatively unskilled technician; please forgive my unfamiliarity with the jargon and various parts names.

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    First...welcome to Bowl-Tech. We all hope we can be of some help to you.

    Second...perfect jargon...well done.

    Lastly...yep, that very well could be your issue. At the very least, we should make that correct. The 180 degree interlock adjustment can be done by sysling the machine to 180 degrees with an empty deck. The rear interlock cross shaft (at the back of the turret) has a bracket on the right hand side of the shaft. You can loosen the bracket using two 7/16" wrenches. Loosen the bracket just enough to allow the shaft to be able to be moved inside the bracket but will stay put when let go. Using a pair of needle nose can insert them into the end of the shaft...turn the shaft clockwise (as you are looking at it at that point as the actual terminoligy is to turn it counter-clockwise) and watch the clutch release lever. You will see it move away from the stop arm (clutch actuator lever). Turn it until you have the 1/4" clearance you are looking for.

    With all that being said...there is an alternative adjustment for can stop at 180 degrees as described above...but this time give yourself a full deck signal by pulling back the long link until it latches. Loosen the same bracket and turn the rear interlock cross shaft far enough so that the clutch release lever falls well below its current position...and then some. Reach over and lift the clutch lever so the stop arm will go under the roller on the end of the clutch lever. Put clutch lever on top of the stop arm. Now turn the rear interlock cross shaft (slowly will help) until the clutch release lever just pushes the stop arm. Keep turning until the stop arm "pops" out from under the roller of clutch lever. Now turn just enough so the projection on the clutch release lever moves 1/8" more. Tighten the clamp on the rear interlock cross shaft. This will keep the least amount of pressure on these parts and still allow it to work as it should.

    Any questions...feel free to ask.
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      Thanks for your reply and patience. It is very much appreciated.

      This is a great explanation. Although, I'm having difficulty identifying the rear interlock cross shaft. Anything it's relative to that I might recognize?


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        Chapter 20, page 1-63.
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          Sorry, I found exactly what you were talking about but because I'm a new profile my comment had to be approved and I couldn't go back and delete it.

          It appears to be working! Thanks so much for your help Steve and Kanga. I'm sure I will be back before too long. Good evening.


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