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  • Scissor pads

    I need to change a bunch of scissor pads in my center, what are you guys using most? Neoprine slip on rubber one's? Or do they make a good one that you wire tie on now a days?

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    I have been replacing mine with the Brunswick slip on rubber ones - 12-200120-004. I dont really like to tie wrap them one for premanent use, a quick fix to get by then alright. We inspect them on a monthly basis and any of the original glue on pad that are showing any sign of being loose, and off they come. There are a few other ideas out there, but for the money and a little time, I stick with the cheaper slip on pads.

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      Are these the same as the Quality slip on? I know they are the same company, I usually try to put them on while the scissors are in the machines? Thanks for the input.


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        Well, they should be the same (I order thru Classic and either number you type in comes up to the same item)

        Ya you can put them on on the machine I guess but I like to remove them to clean them up a bit if I am changing the pads out. When we are bored, we will just change out all 10 scissors at the same time to check all the pieces (the deck spacer and the lock washer) are in there. Found a lot of missing lock washers, guys change them in a hurry and dont put them back)

        I have a few of the blue urethane ones that if one comes off, we use those as a temp pad. They slide on easy in the machine, but are WAY too expensive to leave on there.

        Marty - Pro Bowl West
        56 Jap A-2's Qubica VDB's
        2 Kustodian Walkers


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          i like the brunswick or quality style slip-on pads. i have never used the blues, so i have no feedback on those. before you order your pads, check your machines for any red colored pads. they are junk and will crumble real quick. i suggest junking those. i believe they are no longer avail to order (and for that reason)

          the black slip-ons work great. theres only one problem, they can cause drag along the scissor deck due to the rubber pad dragging against the metal deck. friction is not your friend here.

          steve stafford posted in the past on another mechanic doing a summer project on scissors. heres his tech tip on reducing drag:

          "If you are going to use the slip on pads as they are intended to be used...slipped on over the arm...I would recommend taking the tip of the scissor (that spot that rides on the scissor wire guide bearing) and bend it down a touch right at the tip. This will raise the arm just enough to ensure that the scissor pad material does not drag on the scissor deck as the arm moves back and forth. If the material drags on the scissor deck, the added drag will put undo strain on the scissor distribution components causing premature wear. "

          how i like to prep scissors. wire wheel off any old rubber or glue to a nice clean, smooth surface on entire scissor. i take apart the entire assembly, and start from scratch on rebuilding/lubing. to install the pads (last step), i apply baby powder to the finger, and baby powder inside the pad. that will help it slide on easily. some seat firmly and dont need tie-wraps, but if they are needed, i put one on the rear side of the finger. i like to keep the front section of gripper pad free of tie-wraps to aid in better respotting.

          hope this helps.


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            I don't like tie-wraps. I use strapping tape, much stronger than tie-wraps! At least three wraps, maybe more. Lasts a very long time.
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