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  • GB oil plug

    Me being new to here, I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I don't know what to. I have had a leak on the GB for some time, but it was low on my "fire list" since starting here. this morning I determined that the leak was coming from the plug. Finding it loose, I went to tighten it, and found that the GB hole is stripped. What do I do?

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    You could drill it out, tap it and put in a helicoil of the original thread size. When you put the helicoil in use some kind of thread sealant like Permatex. Or when you drill it out and tap it you could just put in a bigger size plug.
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      Is there enough depth of thread on the gearbox to allow you to super wrap the plug with Teflon tape as a temporary fix? Could it be the wrong oil plug? There are two that I know about, depending upon the vintage of the machine. The older plug needs a large allen wrench, and the newer plug has a standard hex head, so It can be removed with a wrench. I personally have never seen one get stripped out. It's the exact opposite here. Most of mine are stuck. I have the older plugs witch use the big allen wrench. On mine the socket for the allen is rounded out, and the allen wrench can't get enough of a bite on the plug to crack it loose.


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        mikeb, my plug is the socket type, and the first 2 or3 threads in the GB are gone. Once I pulled it out and saw what was up, I tried to clean up the plug and reinstall, to no avail. You can push the plug most of the way in, and there isn't enough threads in the GB to grab onto.


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          Bummer! heli coil might have to be the way to go, assuming you can find one that big. Otherwise it's time to swap a gearbox.


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            NOT what I wanted to hear, mike...


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              One could try an expansion plug.
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                What is an expansion plug?


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                  Originally posted by Phil_B View Post
                  One could try an expansion plug.


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                    I think an expansion plug is rubber which would only be a temporary fix because the oil will eat the rubber.
                    (Psalm 37:29) The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it.


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                      I bet it would work! It certainly would be easier, and less expensive to try that first!


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                        I have used rubberized expansion plugs before they actually work good and are an easy quick fix. I have had a couple in for several years with no problem.
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                          Another thing you could do for a temporary fix is clean it up very well, smear silicone around it and cram it in there. Probably should let it cure fully before putting oil back in it.
                          (Psalm 37:29) The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it.


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                            I found an expansion plug, but it's too long. If I seat it all the way in, it will hit the brass gear inside. I put it part way in and tightened it up, and it seems to be holding, but I agree with you Popeye. I need to find a permanent fix. I'm leaning towards the helicoil if I can find one big enough. Anyone know the actual size of the plug?


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                              Summer job!

                              I'm think'n metric sized plug, one size up. Might have to pull the 4 to 1 to run a metric tap up in there?


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