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Cracked Deck Lowering Hook/Cracked Turret Frame


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  • Cracked Deck Lowering Hook/Cracked Turret Frame


    this past Sunday I had the Deck Lowering Hook and the rear end of a turret frame cracked. I had a backup turret with nothing on it, just the frame. So over the past few days I've been assembling that guy. I've got it on the machine right now. Ran into a problem with the clamp that hold it onto the frame. The front 10 pin side clamp, the bolt doesn't grab onto anything. The front bolt on the 7 pin side appears to be the longest of the 4. Page 4CA/A2 Service Parts Catalog. The bolts that hold the rear side of the clamp are #27 which is a Hex Head Socket Cap Screw (3/8-16x2 1/2). And the book doesn't even show the 10 pin side front bolt, but it shows the 7 pin front side bolt as being #15 a Hex Head Socket Cap Screw (3/8-16x3+1/4). If it matters, I put a new Index Trip Lever Shaft into the frame. It just seems like the bolt isn't long enough to grab any threading.

    I'm pretty sure I've got it all done, checked operation of the long link and the short link + indexing latch and whatnot before I put it in. I haven't slapped the basket on top yet though. I will need to do the interlock adjustments, make sure the turret lift jam microswitch is working right, level off the turret frame too, and then clutch adjustment, make sure that long turret belt tension spring is adjusted right.

    Anything else I am missing? Any tips or hints? Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    Make sure your turret jam switch is working.



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      Odds are the issue is that you installed a newer style shaft which is a bit longer than the old one...Quality part 12-1569 or QAMF B12150069000. The threads are on the other side of the shaft. You can switch the bolts that go into the frame and caps versus what the book shows...this should solve the issue.
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        Yeah, the switch works, right now I have the bolt the hold it on really low, like it won't even turn on now, and I'm leaving it like that until I get it up and running. Just in case a coworker thinks its working because I have everything slapped in there, they won't be able to. Anyways, Steve, you are saying that I can use the bolts for the back in the front, and the front to the back and it will work? A little musical bolts number going on? I'm looking through a different page of the book instead of 4C/5C looking at 6C/7C it says to use 3" bolts in the back, 4" on the 7 pin front, 2.5" on the 10 in front. 12C/13C show the same lengths, but on page 4C/5C 2.5" inchers in the back, and a 3 1/4" on the front 7 pin side. When I pulled it out I had 3x 2 1/2" and 1x 3 1/4". Have had no luck with running either a 2.5" or a 3.25" through it. Maybe I'll tap that shaft over a little and see if it will grab, IIRC one of the holes in that shaft was threaded, and another was slotted without threading.

        EDIT: nevermind, the 3 1/4" slipped right on through.
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          Originally posted by fhall View Post
          Steve, you are saying that I can use the bolts for the back in the front, and the front to the back and it will work?
          Nope...left to right and right to left. But since you figured it out, you should be good now.
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