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Pin gate troubles


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  • Pin gate troubles

    I have a machine that the pin gate keeps locking and it won't unlock. It looks like the pin gate latch link is not pushing the pin gate latch up far enough for the latch to clear the shoulder bolt. Any suggestions?

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    First and foremost, I'd check your pingate latch link adjustment. Then I would make sure your pingate has the correct bend to it. As a check, when the belly of the pin locks the pingate, it should come up and lock under the neck of the pin. While the cross conveyor is delivering pins, watch the roller on the bottom of the pingate, it should only move back and forth once. If it bounces back and forth twice, lock the pingate, and then push down on the pingate until it bends a little. It wont take much. Check and bend as needed until it locks under the neck of the pin.

    Outside of that, make sure all your springs are in place and aren't stretched.


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      Also check the condition of the stop lever roller. If it has worn won't lower the pin gate strap far enough to get under the roll pin/shoulder bolt in the latch.
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        this is what Steve taught me. do the "drop test" on the pingate. lift up the on the pingate lever (i think that's the name of the part) and let it drop. do that, say 10x. if it locks ANY of those 10x, replace the pingate strap and (to be safe) the roll pin/shoulder bolt.
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          Check for a loose indexing cam. If they become loose, it will create pin gate problems.
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            Originally posted by JohnSebeny View Post
            ...replace the pingate strap and (to be safe) the roll pin/shoulder bolt.
            John, It's the pin gate "Latch" that you lift and drop!

            Bowlinganimal... As John mentioned here, I would replace the shoulder bolt/Roll pin as well, just to be on the safe side. If you use the shoulder bolt, be sure you are using the type of latch that will not squeeze closed when tightening the bolt. If not, some people will use a small nut or short bolt as a spacer just to the front of the bolt to keep the latch separated. Whatever the case, the bolt or roll pin must NOT turn/rotate once installed. DO NOT USE AN X-PIN!
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              if your pingate LATCH (hahah--Lonnie) isn't like the newer style where there is a piece welded to the top of the arms to keep them from squeezing together, you can drill a new hole up and forward about 3/8" and install a spacer (nylon/metal, doesn't matter) and use the old roll pin that's worn. then use the new shoulder bolt in the original hole. I don't have a picture of what I'm referring to, i know Steve does. Perhaps he will share.

              EDIT: yeah, i just checked a few places i store photos and couldn't find the picture. going to have to wait on Steve.
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