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Painting turret bearing


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  • Painting turret bearing

    Should I paint the inner, outer, and top and bottom center rings for my turret? If I do should I tape off the surface that touches the balls? Anyone done this before?
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    NO pant on bearings serves [EVER ]


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      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My HM does that and it drives me crazy. Granted, he tapes off the areas he should but it just looks like poop. Yes, I've told him so I'm not worried if he reads this All I paint is the retaining ring (AND ONLY THE TOP SIDE)
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        There is a good amount of oil in that area and I would be worried about some of the paint coming off and moving into the ball bearings.
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          Why would you want to paint these?


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            One word. No.


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              Originally posted by Wookie8662 View Post
              One word. No.
              I'll agree.
              Go with what works and not what the book says.


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                I only paint the top/bottom of the baskets,the outside of the center chutes,pin release levers,interlock probes,3/4 of the spoons so no paint goes on the spoon end where the pin rests.
                NO turret ring paint...yikes.Then i use a small tip marker and cover the top turret wire #'s so the guys could see them easier.Oh and the turret wire caps too.Gloss paint and man...they looked sweeet when all done.Did that on over 44 lanes between 2 centers.
                fyi. I also painted the cross conveyors too.Nothing like fresh paint!


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                  bearings should be removed before painting. when i rebuild parts, i install new bearings typically and install them after the paint cures.


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                    No. When I rebuild machines there are certain parts that shouldn't be painted. The turret rings are some of those parts. Wire brush it, steel wool it, whatever. But no paint.
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                      I would never paint any turret ring component. Wast of time and paint could peal and end up in the bearings or other areas that you wouldn't want to mess with. Just keeping the turret ring and sub parts clean will be good enough for the best operation.

                      Definitely a thumbs down!
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                        Thank you all for your responses. I just ended up cleaning them up really good in the parts cleaner and then wiping them down with oil and a rag.
                        (Psalm 37:29) The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it.


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                          got pics?
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                            Originally posted by JohnSebeny View Post
                            got pics?
                            Not yet but I will.
                            (Psalm 37:29) The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it.


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