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  • Deck problem

    Hey guys, all of a sudden once in awhile I will have a machine when there are standing pins. The machine will come down, scissors wont close all the way sweep will sweep pins away and deck comes down as it is setting pins back up for a spare but no pins. This was happening randomly through out the night last night. The deck pads seem bad, was wondering if that could be it also?

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    Check for deck height and level, and check Detector Rod Adjustment, also check for any loose scissors, or anything that may be blocking the scissors from closing. Is it happening completely at randem or is it a main pin like only when the 7 or 10 is left?


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      Check the toggle lever in the back of the deck, Mounting bolt may be loose or
      broke causing the toggle lever to sit crooked.
      Go with what works and not what the book says.


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        thansk Tim and air lanes happening at random no specific pin, just started happening


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          If a scissor has ben replace lately i would check for drag link pin up to hi


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            If the deck is detecting standing pins, the detector rod is OK and doesn't need adjustment.

            If the scissors are failing to close, check for loose linkage; or a weak scissor spring. As Bill suggested, a drag link may be binding against something, causing the scissors not to close. Also, a scissor arm may be hung up behind a bumper, preventing the scissors from completely closing.


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              I just checked my texts from 10 days ago, my night guy sent me a text that he had to fix the 10 pin scissors on that lane. When I get there this afternoon, I am checking that. I was dumb enough not to check his work when he first did it. Ill keep you posted.
              Thanks for the replys.


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                Had a scissor hanging on the stop. It had opened to far and got hung up.


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                  Thanks for the replies guys, well one of the guys working for me worked on this a few weeks ago. I remembered this last night when I was home. Checked my texts from over a weeks ago, and it was the scissor he worked on. The screw was hanging out of the stationary deck today, and the scissor assembly had no spacer or lock washer in it either. So needless to say I forgot to check the work from that time. All up and running now


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                    Had one of my helpers put in a too long a screw.
                    I'm going fishing and camping!


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                      Good deal
                      occasionally we can point you in the right direction


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