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Pin on top of turret


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  • Pin on top of turret

    How do u remove the pin gate? I'm having a hard time figuring it out.
    every now and then a pin will push the pin ahead of it on top of it. I know there's a pin hate adjustment I've moved up up down and all around with no luck.

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    To remove the pin gate, find the X washer under the cross conveyor microswitch and remove it, then slide the X pin out toward the 7 pin side of the cross conveyor.


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      But the part that comes through the cross conveyor on top I can't really maneuver out


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        You will need to remove the pin gate strap and let the link it attaches to move forward to get the pin gate out.

        Edit: That is assuming you want to remove the pin gate latch, which is what I think you were asking. The pin gate itself comes out easier.


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          Originally posted by Knowledge_is_key View Post
          How do u remove the pin gate? I'm having a hard time figuring it out.
          Why do you need to remove the pin gate?

          The part that sticks up through the cross conveyor can be adjusted on the machine.

          You mentioned that you've adjusted "it" up and down. What's "it?" If it's the strap, it should be adjusted so that, when a pin's head passes over the gate, the strap assembly is pushed rearward enough for the latch to drop down. When the belly of the pin passes, the pin gate is latched, preventing the next pin from moving.

          Turn off the pinsetter and LOTO. Slowly press the pin gate down as if a pin was passing over it. You should hear a distinct "click - click." This is the pin gate properly latching. The turret indexing should release the pin gate, allowing the next pin to drop into the turret.


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            Still get a pin getting underneath the neck of another causing the pin to push it on top of turret.


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              Is this happening when the pin gate is locked and you have two pins on the conveyor.


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                is the pingate even locking? do the "flick test" (very scientific term--i know!) with no pins on the cross conveyor and the machine off, simply lift up on the pingate latch then let it drop. do this 10x. if the pingate locks ANY of those 10x, then change either the pingate strap or the roll pin (i prefer to change both). this would also be a good time to convert over to plastic pingate straps and the shoulder bolt. if you want to make removal easier for the pingate latch and pingate itself, yank out those nasty x-washer pins and get some bolts. i don't have my notes in front of me, but i do believe they are 5/16-18 x 3 1/2" with a nylock nut. for the pingate latch, there isn't enough room for a regular sized nut on there, so you will have to get a nylock JAM nut (same thing, just thinner). i did this to all 12 of the machines at the old center i worked at. i do not take credit for coming up with the idea. somebody on here did and can't recall who... sorry!
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                  A regular nylock nut will fit. Make it really snug so that the latch stays up then back it off till the latch drops.
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                    With the machine off, place a pin near the top of the cross conveyor but before the pin-gate. Slowly move the pin over the pin-gate and it should latch in the neck of the pin. If not then you need to bend the pin-gate down slightly (carefully). On a machine with a properly adjusted pin-gate place a pin with the neck right at the pin-gate and there should be a small amount of play in the pin-gate when it is latched.
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                      ...we had a deal like this on a couple of pinsetters (green model As), that is, a pin on top of turret or extra pin in the 7-pin deck chute. A video of the pinsetter showed a pin going up the pin elevator wheel head first would sometimes pause at the turn pan as if the head of the pin was slightly held between the turnaround pan and the elevator frame, in the "turnaround" process. The next pin delivered by the pin elevator wheel, coming up bottom first, would be delivered on the head of the previous pin. The pins would go up the elevator that way with the first pin going in the turret and the 2nd pin either going on top of the turret or in the 7-pin deck chute. I taped a wooden clothespin "half" under the turnaround pan "tongue" and this problem went away. Offered for whatever it is worth.


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                        Do the Cross Conveyor rollers raise & lower freely? If the upper roller has a bind, it will press on the pin that should be waiting at the locked pin gate, allowing it to ride over the gate.
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                          Sounds like the clutch is not stopping the elevator, forcing pins up the cross conveyor.


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                            I have seen this caused from the snubber being bent wrong. It was an adjustable snubber. Moved the snubber toward the back of the pinsetter. Problem went away.


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