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  • Lift rod cover

    Anyone have ideas to make a base to hold lift rods for when im putting on lift rod covers. Thanks in advance

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    Pinsetter Parts Plus has a bracket you mount in a vise.


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      I stopped removing them and left them in the machine.
      I took off the l/r stud etc and let it hang against the ball wheel.
      Cleaned off the old stuff and used a dry lube spray to get them gum rubber ones on easier/faster.
      With the urethane ones i never used a spray and they just slid on easily enough.
      CLEANING of old cover is key along with some lube be it soap,dry lube spray as it has been stated before on other l/r posts.
      The l/r will tend to pull up on you but using a large enough board or something like it to help keep it low will do a nice job of keeping it sort of in place,it won't fall off on you,it can't.
      I can hear folks saying...u don't remove them? Nope,stopped that long ago unless the bushings were shot.Found out how to do it on my own (trial & error) and it worked fine for me back then when i was in the bowling line of worked fine for me! Learned many a short cut on my own to save time and still get a job done right.


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        As nighthawk says, I always did it on the machine, plus in old houses if they are bent up and working on that lane you are better off keeping them there. jmo
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          I made one out of tube steel, plates, angle iron, and threaded rod... Sorry that I don't have any pictures since one of the pinchasers left it outside the back door and somebody made off with the stand. I guess they thought that it was their scrap metal and we no longer needed it.. now they change the lift rods on the floor. :\


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            I took an old spring rod and an old cross shaft welded the shaft to the rod, cut half the shaft off and install it on the opposite rail of the one i"m installing the cover on. Keeps everything steady


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              I just use my large vise.


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                I too just clamp it in the vise.
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                  As long as I have a good air compressor and plenty of baby powder (with corn starch), I can replace both rod covers in 15 to 20 minutes by myself while keeping the assembly on the machine. I always thoroughly prep the rods first. As mentioned above, cleaning all the gum off the rods is important. Next, I use 120 grit roll of Emery cloth to clean any scratches, burrs or anything that may hinder the installation of the covers. Again, clean and dry. If you are hooked on using lubricants, then be my guest and keep doing that. DO NOT USE ANYTHING WATER BASED like dish soap. Yes it works great, but I made that mistake once and the soap will rust the rods to the covers and they will not be able to twist for maintenance purposes. I personally use the baby powder with cornstarch. (BTW, that 20 minutes INCLUDES the prep work) Just FYI, me and two of my helpers did a complete 24 lane center last year in less than 8 hours.
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                    If you can get a hold of one of those multi purpose swivel vices with a pipe clamp, you can rotate the base and tilt the vice head to get the rods into the easiest position.

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                      i always had removed the whole assembly and scrub down the rods till smooth like glass.

                      (picture the assembly in the machine when i explain this part) i stand on the large rod at the ball impact area, and install cover on short rod. then cover the large rod while standing on the short rod near the knuckle (covering where you are stepping with a rag).

                      always worked for me


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                        Has anyone Ever used the red urthane lift rod cover from vantage what was the results


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                          Kanga. In your pic it looks like that would put extra burrs from the vise jaws on your lift rods. or am i not seeing the picture right.


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                            Originally posted by bowlingman_21 View Post
                            Has anyone Ever used the red urthane lift rod cover from vantage what was the results
                            I have done plenty of the red Vantage covers. Cleaned liftrods completely. we Wiped them down with WD40 then man handled them on the rods, We didn't carry an air compressor on our service vans.
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                              the red covers are nice, but an absolute bear to install.


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