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machine clicking on off


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  • machine clicking on off

    well so far i replaced c.b., moter contact ,relay , time delay unpluged the ball acc. unpluged the masking switch taped the wires to make sure it was not the switch moved the 1st 2nd ball micro away checked thr turret micro sw. the back on off sw. the beck sw . still the machine will flicker i hear it going on and off but so fast it never turns the machine off did turn off the light for a second until i changed all the aqbove i also unplug the light. so what is next ? it only flickers when moving but never in the same place or when the rake moves any help on this one

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    I am guessing; but, does this happen when the machine is in operation? If yes, I would suspect that the turret jam microswitch is the culprit. The test is to manually press the turret jam microswitch, keeping your fingers clear of all moving parts. Press the switch firmly and see if the issue disappears. Adjust the bolt that contacts the switch, making sure it is positively pressing the microswitch. If this bolt is slightly out of adjustment, it will cause similar issues.


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      will check it again


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        Make sure the fuses are seated properly. I had a machine that flickered and it was the 1 amp fuse cap had loosened and the fuse and cap were just sitting in the fuse holder.
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          I would also check your deck jam tube/switch cable.


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            make sure the main plug has been twisted and on tight.


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              also check the mechanic switch in the back... I have seen those go bad and flicker the machine.


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                I also had one that did this......Unplug your machine...check inside of the receptical on top of electrical box and make sure all of you prongs are nice and tight.....plug her back in and see if this helps.


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                  ALONG WITH TOMS
                  I would replace the bolt with a carriage bolt [ more serves to engage switch ]


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                    Also make sure your turret hanging rods are not bent. The way I check the turret jam switch is, unplug motor, turn machine on, back switch bolt off switch till deck light goes off, turn bolt back on switch till light comes on, then turn bolt an extra turn and a half.
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                      I had a cracked 1 amp fuse holder that did this. It looked good but vibration would make it lose contact internally. It was
                      hard to see the crack and it stayed together even when I pulled the fuse out. Rare, but it did happen.


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