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Moving deck cable adjustment?


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  • Moving deck cable adjustment?

    Hey guys , On random machines I am getting pins stuck in between the fingers after the pinseeter sets new pins it only is happening on the 7 pion and 10 pin side.

    EX. second ball is thrown, sweep, deck goes to set new pins, and the head of the 7 pin or 10 pin will get stuck while the deck goes back up causing a black out.

    My question is would this have to deal with the moving deck cable adjustment ?... I have checked all fingers and deck chutes,rollers, everything in that nature seams to be fine. Any ideas?

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    how about your deck pads? there is a flat spot that should be turned toward the pin (hole opening on the moving deck). Also depending upon the deck chute you are using.. some mechanics will trim the bottom of the deck chute.. if you do that, remember to leave about 1/8" of a lip on the bottom of the chute so that it will not expand or leave a little metal exposed to cut the pin or leave an area where the pin can sit on the exposed ledge...


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      how are the pins being set are the pins wobbly dose the deck seem to push on the pins on second ball do the pins wobble if so cable may be out of adjustment bring deck to about 15* and look at Geneva rollers the should be straight across from each other
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        Originally posted by mccarthym69 View Post
        second ball is thrown, sweep, deck goes to set new pins, and the head of the 7 pin or 10 pin will get stuck while the deck goes back up causing a black out.
        There is the possibility that the scissors are interfering with the spotting of new pins. Make sure your scissors move free and clear of any obstructions; and make sure all of your drag links are not binding in any way, shape or form.

        It is not impossible for a scissor arm to travel beyond the stop, especially if the arm is bent upwards. The opposing scissor arm will travel into the path of the pin, preventing it from being properly set.


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          Your spotting fingers should be no where near the head of the pins to grab them. Either the deck cable adjustment is off or the pins are tilting when being set so they come in contact with the fingers. Here is how I adjust the moving deck:

          Deck cable adjustment: Cycle machine to just past 270 setting new pins. You want to stop it when the spotting fingers are even with the widest part of the belly of the pin. You may have to shut it off and crank the belt to get it at just the right position. Make sure you LOTO. At this point adjust the moving deck cable so the spotting fingers are as close to the pin without actually touching it. Now pay attention here because you may have to make a compromise with this adjustment. Cycle the machine back up to 0. Look at the position of the geneva rollers. The bottom of the roller should not be down further than the bottom of the slot in the geneva plate. If it is you will have to loosen the cable up a bit. Another note: Make sure your cables are not contacting the pinsetter frame when the machine is at 0 deg.

          Deck height: Cycle the machine to 270 setting new pins. LOTO. Climb down into the machine. Check the pins. They should all be firmly sitting on the pin-deck. If not the deck is too high. Also check to see how much front to back movement you get with the pins trying to slide them forward and backward. This should be minimal. Be sure to check all 10 pins on both of these two items to make sure they are all even. If not you may have a level issue or a spotting finger may be bent or a deck roller may be bad.

          Also make sure your cable from the jam tube is on the slide and not off to the side.
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