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4:1 Shaft Replacement


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  • 4:1 Shaft Replacement

    Greetings all. I have an A-2 that has a lot of slack in the 4:1 shaft. I can lift the 4:1 arm up and down over an inch and the rest of the gear linked shafts also move (2:1 and 1:1) Seems to me to be a bad key way in the worm gear/ 4:1 shaft.
    I have looked at the Brunswick book for removal of 4:1 and I wonder if there are any short cuts or easier ways of doing the removal. I am working in the local center as a consultant and temporary mechanic. I have done a lot of repairs on A-2's but never a 4:1.
    Customer wants to run the mach but I advise against it. It seems the detector is off by a tooth which just makes things more complicated.
    Any input is appreciated.
    Kenny M
    Monte Vista, CO

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    Ross has all the shaft removals in the technical reference forum. I do mine as Ross.
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        Thank you!


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