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  • Strike Cam Follower

    I will try to explain this the best that I can so if my explanation is confusing no worries as I am already confused by this. Have a machine that will not stop at 180 to wait for pins after 2nd ball. If a strike is throw machine will stop and wait at 180 every time but after 2nd ball is thrown machine will not stop at 180 and sets a ghost rack. Checked the usual such as the projection on the indexing cam, the long link, roller and oilite in rear etc. After watching for most of a league night noticed that after 2nd ball the deck lowered and instead of taking the long stroke it took the short stroke and the scissors closed as if to reset standing pins instead of setting new (this time it had a full deck but also noticed it do the same without a full deck the next day). So that leads me to the moving deck scissor selector. Do the adjustment and still getting same results. On over to the roller on the strike cam follower. Notice that after 2nd ball only (remember 1st ball is Just fine) that the roller on the strike cam follower does not fall completely into the low dwell of the Timing cam. Sometimes by a lot as if blocked out sometime just a tad. So now I figure it's in a bind somewhere. The roll pin is there and not broke so it is moving with the D shaft. The pin detector link is connected at both ends but just to be absolutely sure I replace it with another used one (older style) But before I put it on I checked the spring in side the link to the one I had as a spare. Well the spring it self was about 3/4 inch shorter than the one in my spare. So thinking I finally solved it I put the spare on and....... nothing. Still blowing past 180 2nd ball with empty deck. Both links seem to be extremely close to the cycle cam But do not appear to be hitting the cams. The link I took out has the slightest wear mark from making contact but really doesn't seem to be enough to bind it up but I could be wrong. Swapped the spring to the starter bell crank with the lane next to it and still no dice. The clutch reset lever is the older 2 piece looking style that is no longer available but it appears to be in okay shape. Maybe the spring that connects from it to the clutch actuator has become weak? So yesterday during league while again sitting watching and hoping something will grab my attention I hear a rather large crashing sound. I'm not sure how to explain it but my first thought was they had hit the rake with a ball because it sounded very similar to just that. Well after a while I heard it again from the detector area. I'm not 100% but it looked as if the roller on the strike cam follower had pushed forward off the Timing cam at around 180 (I cannot be certain this is what happened) and instead of setting new pins it took the short stroke instead of the long and allowed the scissors to operate. To be clear when it does the short stroke and scissors close it does not always make a big bang just a few times. Not sure that's totally related to the passing 180 problem I am fighting.

    Sorry for such a long post but this is what I have noticed in the past few days and any help or ideas would be tremendously appreciated. Am at a total lose. Thank you and again sorry for rambling on lol.

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    I would pull the detector at 90 strike and inspect the gears, stud for scissor/moving deck selector, and bolts for mounting plate and 1:1. Sounds like it jumped a tooth. How is the 2:1 eccentric? I say that because maybe the noise you heard was the lowering hook hitting the frame.
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      Make sure your deck lowering hook moves up and down freely.If it sticks up it will hit the cross member.Put a little oil on the eccentric ring.


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        Found this thread on a search and I have a machine with the IDENTICAL problem/symptoms....would the original poster perhaps be able to recall what ended up being the cause? thanks!


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          I had a very similar problem a while back, something small and easy to check before you pull a whole detector would be the 180 interlock link. Check the washer/spacer where it connects to the release lever. The washer may be stretched out allowing the spacer to slip through the washer and jam up the clutch actuator. Usually when this happens it causes other problems, but I've had it happen on a machine and it caused the whole strike mechanism to bind just slightly so that I would have issues. Sounds pretty similar to what you are describing.


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            With the deck empty and the machine perfoming an auto strike cycle (2nd ball), does the pin detector link move forward (as it does for a standard strike cycle) and allow the pin through the 180┬░interlock link to fall at 90┬░?
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