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Modular pin wheels and button replacement


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  • Modular pin wheels and button replacement

    Morning Guys:

    The pin wheel buttons in my house (20,000's) are worn to the point where I'm having tons of trouble keeping pins in the wheel. Used to get tons of wiper jams from pins half-way in the wheel. Put the zot retainer kits on, but now i get jams between the wheel and the support for the retainer (pin base in the wheel, head jammed against the lift rods, belly up against the retainer support)

    Finally broke down and ordered a modular wheel, so i can pull the old one out and (hopefully) MIG a new set of buttons on and pull them one at a time and replace the buttons.

    Anything to watch out for installing the modular wheels?

    And has anyone taken this approach (replacing the buttons on the old metal wheels) and how well did it work out, or should I just budget to replace them all with modulars, or does anyone make a good metal wheel these days???

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Modular pin wheels and button replacement

    I have had the same problem in the past with pins falling out of pockets and jamming pin guides.I also tried the pin retainers and like you say the pins just jammed in the retainer. I made a bugee cord retainer to help hold pins in,it works well and we have them on all of our 116 brunswick pinsetters.
    If you are interested I can E-mail you kit instructions and picture.I have seen alot of different kinds of retainers but the bungee cord works best because it allows an escape route for pins.

    As far as the modular pin wheel I have good reviews on them the only thing is you need to switch the RH and LH upper pin wheel guide roller assembles so that the pockets seems don't all line up on the guide rollers at the same time this causes alot of play in wheel.They include a kit with pin wheel to keep wheel tight,but if you flip-flop the rollers you won't need to install it..

    Good Luck


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      Re: Modular pin wheels and button replacement

      We replaced all of pinwheels with the modular wheels several years ago. They are holding up great and the lower level of noise is fantastic. They are very easy to install, I love 'em.


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        Re: Modular pin wheels and button replacement

        I had the chance to replace 22 of 32 (at 2 a month) of the old 2 piece wheels with the plastic ones. I have had only 1 section break-someone threw a pin at the pinwheel- but besides that I love them and will replace the others when needed. As far as the noise, I have no shop in the back so one weekend the pinchasers actually moved the old 2 piece wheels to the high end of the house and away from the desk that they use because the level of the noise was so much less. Brunswick has a sale running now until the end of Aug. for $299.00 each - one can almost buy 2 plastics for the price of 1 steel one. If you need pinwheels, buy the brunswicks plastics
        If you really want the metal ones, I am not sure what Brunswick offers in metal but Murrey International is selling the old Quality Bowling ones, not sure of the price they want though

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          Re: Modular pin wheels and button replacement

          Kevin I have the Plastic Pinwheels in my house and I think they are nice. Never had a problem with them. Nice and easy to install.


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            Re: Modular pin wheels and button replacement

            I used the Modular P/W in 2 centers before this one. They work well,as long as you flip the guide rollers as master suggested. I only flipped the R.H. side to keep them from being in the same place on the seams though. His sounds like it may work alittle better.

            For the price there is not a better product out there. I'm kinda fortunate, the 40 lane center that I'm at now has 40 Quality one piece P/W's. I'll never have to change out anotherone as long as I'm here, Knock on Wood !!

            May the FORCE be with you, Always.

            May the FORCE be with you, Always.



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              Re: Modular pin wheels and button replacement

              Hey Kevin
              I used to have pin wheel buttons fall off also.
              I would take an allen bolt(the one that mounts the motor mount shaft to the rear frame) and put a locknut on it and use it as a pinwheel button.
              I also made a contraption like the spinning ball eliminator.
              I would take an old rake support arm that had a bolt broken off in it.
              I made a plate and bracket to mount the rake support arm (where the brunswick pin holder kit mounts against the rear guard) so that the part of the arm that normally mounts the rake board now holds in the pins in the pinwheel.
              I then drilled a hole in my home made contraption and inserted a bolt with a jam nut to give an adjustment to the height of the homemade wiper.
              It worked great and was a good use of old parts.
              I know that was not much of a descripition but e-mail me if you have any questions.


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                Re: Modular pin wheels and button replacement

                As long as the buttons are solid,and you don't have the two piece OSHA wheels, it works well to build a tip of brass with a oxy/ act torch on the very end of the button, easily done, not to dangerous, as far as fire exposure, nor too touchy as how far to build up , easily rounded off. Will work for many years, if you have a tig, simply reconfigure the end of the button. Have had many years success with both methods, much better than alternatives. ie, additional pin wipers


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