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  • Machines off center

    Hello, I have about a dozen machines which are not centered correctly over the pin decks. They spot their pins off center to the right. The deck lift shafts are shimmed as far left as possible. The decks have been moved as far as possible also. Even with all that the pins are still off spot with no room for adjustment. I have been trying to figure out the best way to respot the machine. Also I haven't found any noticeable problems with moving them but it always seems that as things get going there will be something that will pop up. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Even if it is to leave them alone. Thanks jacks

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    Re: Machines off center

    You didnt say if your legs of yourmachines have been moved,but u probably will have to get a small hydraulic jack and loosen the legs of machines and slide em over.Or you may get lucky and loosen them and tap leg with a short 3pound hammer.And move your entire machine if that dont work im not sure what to tell ya is left... also check and make sure your decks are level at 270.



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      Re: Machines off center


      I have seen it before where first ball is fine, but when the machine respotts for 2nd ball the pins were off by a about 1.5- 2 inches forward of where they were on first ball.

      I'll ask my head tech tommorow and get back to you

      Andrew D


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        Re: Machines off center

        the moving deck cable is too loose. watch the machine as it passes 180 on standing pins cycle. you will see the pins tilt at 180.

        as far as sliding machines on kickbacks, i have used a "come-a-long" to move mine.



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          Re: Machines off center


          It acctually turns out that it was a gearbox problem causing that, i asked my head tech, and well thats what he told me it was.

          He said to just lossen the bolts holding the feet down and with a sledge hammer knock the frame accross, like one of the other guys sugested.

          Andrew D


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            Re: Machines off center

            A couple of heads-up's:

            Before you start to move the machine:

            You MUST loosen anything that attatches the machine itself to the elevator frame .... the motor mount shaft and cross conveyor j bolts in particular. If you try to start pulling on a machine without loosening these connections, number one it will be much harder to move, number two you stand a chance of busting stuff.

            Use a come-along, or a johnson bar, a come-along anchored 1 pair away (where everything's still tight) is best.

            Depending on how far you have to move, you very well may have to re-position the elevator frame assembly to match the new position of the machine

            Good luck, and hope this helps



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              Re: Machines off center

              Hi, Thanks for the ideas everyone. The come-a-long sounds good, should be able to maintain control as it moves. Also thanks for the elevator note. I wonder how far a person could move a machine before there is a problem. Maybe that is why they are the way they are. Sure would like to get things right though. Thanks again. jacks


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                Re: Machines off center

                Without going into elevator or pit submounting plates, which literally should be mounted in stone, thus unmovable either or or aft, nor side to side. This part of the pinsetter in non adjustable, only up or down. Its position is established upon installation, can only be corrected, if wrong, by shifting sub mounting plates.

                The pinsetter itself needs to be set according to the deck lift shaft adjustment, which is considered by many to be the prime adjustment. All other adj. flow from this.If you need to move the pinsetter side to side, yet can't because of ball track restrictions, you have a height problem, which in older installations can be quite complicated, owing to pin deck height, versus deck setting height. All things being equal. loosen the four leg bolts, along with the center catwalk bolts, and or ball booster mtg.bolts, and shift pinsetter. Remembering that the back will move as a whole, whilst the front leg move will need clearance for the rake sweep arms. You only need 1/4 black to be legal, with a triangle presented squarely to the bowler. If the original installation was compromised, (ie) kickbacks over allowable widths, you may wind up with a pandoras box, in that you can set some dead on, only to leave others out of specs. This goes back to the saying, never get in a pissing contest with the ABC rep, try to please them, whilst doing what is possible in the real world, and above all be their friend. OTHERWISE you may get caught in the 4 3/4 in trap. where you will be chipping concrete


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                  Re: Machines off center

                  Thanks Roscoe...I have been checking around the machines a little more. Still wondering why they are the way they are. I have found there is usually a reason for such things. Anyway the information you provided is greatly appreciated. Thanks again. jacks


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