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Getting a false reset from somewhere.


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  • Getting a false reset from somewhere.

    Ok, we've just opened a 36-lane center 3 months ago. About two months ago now, one of our lanes started resetting itself. Well we have A2's, w/ET2001 auto resetters on them. At first we thought it was the ET2001, so we unplugged it from the machine, problem still persists. Then we thought, might be reset button up front, unplugged it from machine, still have the problem. Now we've already changed the time-delay module twice in it. We've changed the rake-down microswitch inside the electrical box, rewired everything pertaining to resetting inside the box, and put new solenoid and wiring on machine. Still getting a false signal from somewhere. It has really started to annoy the mechanic, owner, and managers (b/c they're catching hell from league bowlers) We've also bypassed the reset button on the back of the machine to see if that helped, didn't.

    Any ideas would be great, b/c we are out of them.

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    Re: Getting a false reset from somewhere.

    Just a thought--Have you ever considered going to a 35 lane house? I will let my mechanic know and get back with you. Good Luck


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      Re: Getting a false reset from somewhere.

      I see that you've changed everything...but did you adjust them right?!? Did you check your reset lever? The thing that pulls down to disengage the solenoid? Or is your rake trip rod that hits the mousetrap on the shotgun out of adjustment? Sorry...i'm only a pinchaser and I don't know all my gearbox parts by head yet...=)

      Brandon Adams
      Imperial and Twin Oaks Lanes
      Toledo, Ohio


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        Re: Getting a false reset from somewhere.

        Check everything in the clutch latch area,have seen worn,even slightly worn parts slip off and start it cycling.Is the cycle solenoid unit forward?If it is tilting twords the rear too much it can cause it to tug on clutch latch and make it slip off.Rake crank height level,level with 4-1 crank arm?Ever check the mechanics reset switch at the rear of machine?On the clutch reset lever there is a small roller bearing twords the inside of detector attached to reset it snug?Hope some of this helps you.If not....go with 35 lanes...LOL.


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          Re: Getting a false reset from somewhere.

          Hey BC
          Your 180 link could be a little out of adjustment on the high side.
          When the turret drops 10 pins and indexes to lock the full deck interlock down it also pushes the 180 bar up.
          If it is a tad too high it can put too much pressure on clutch actuator link at zero degrees and reset the machine.
          Also check your gearbox clutch adjustments and make sure the clutch arm is riding level while machine is cycling.
          Also check for a worn pit carpet or bad pit mounts, a ball might not be getting off the shaker fast enough and the cushion hits it starting another cycle.
          Since you disconnected electrical components I thought you might start looking at some mechanical causes.
          Hope this helps.


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            Re: Getting a false reset from somewhere.

            First thing I would look at:

            When the machine re-cycles, does the rake snap down (shotgun fired), or does it come down slowly?

            This will tell you if you need to look at the clutch itself (down slow), or the cushion linkages/shotgun, etc (snaps).

            If it snaps, I'd look at the cushion linkages for binding, also check shotgun by firing it, then jog machine to where the shotgun should latch, and be sure that it re-latches freely ( you should be able to pull mousetrap up and have it re-latch with no hesitation at all) While you're there, inspect the bushings in the bottom arm (under mousetrap), and the shotgun gap. Too much gap is as bad as too little, in that it makes the gun bounce when lifting the rake, which can cause the gun to fire falsely.

            As graham pointed out, it seems like you're out of electrical stuff to look at, time to carefully inspect for a mechanical problem.



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              Re: Getting a false reset from somewhere.

              another place to look
              was wondering if you disconnected reset button up front like you said but still get the reset, you might want to look under caps to see if your wireing might have a short where they stapled it up somewhere.

              maybe? hopefully?

              jeff kuhnle
              twin oaks lanes
              toledo ohio


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                Re: Getting a false reset from somewhere.

                i know al ot of people won't look at this problem, but it happened to me, check to see if you have the right spring spring is on every part of the linkage. if you don't have enough tension it could cause the pinsetter to periodically cycle on its own.


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                  Re: Getting a false reset from somewhere.

                  With the Brunswick pinsetter resetting prob. can be diffilcult if its not consistantly a problem or extremely obvious! Wolfman, your absolutly right, been there, done that! The only thing that Ive seen that I dont beleive has been posted yet is if there is a lot of play (left to right) in the rake lift shaft? Ive seen that cause some trouble with the rake drop sw. The only other thing to check that I can think of is make shure the rake drop switch lever is 100% and that the spring is on properly. You need to determine whether its mechanical or electrical. "o" one more thing, make shure the canon plug on the female side has good connections and isnt shorting out!"O" one more thing, make shure there arnt any binds in your out of range lever. Come to think of it I could probably think of another dozen things, but chances are its one of the simpler things that was posted. You might need to camp out! Becarefull, I fell a sleep once and rolled off! Man did that suck!

                  Please buy MADE IN USA!


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                    Re: Getting a false reset from somewhere.

                    If the problem is indeed reseting electrically, I've seen this problem caused by wires or solder grounding the reset circuit to ground. Also, I've seen a couple of touching wires from different machines in the 8 lane junction box cause it. Try turning all 8 machines on that junction box on, then one by one, push the reset button on the ball rack. If two machines reset at once, bingo, now you just have to find your short or grounded wire. Good Luck, Glitch


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