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Quality "blew-matic" power lift tires


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  • Quality "blew-matic" power lift tires

    has anyone tried those honeycomb new-matic power lift tires from quality? If so has anyone had one last over 6 months? I think whoever designed those must have been sniffing the glue they use to bond them to the hub. I guess there's no substitute for the good old Brunswick tires.

    and then he said, "on your death bed, you will receive total consciousness" so I got that going for me...... which is nice!

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    Re: Quality "blew-matic" power lift tires

    Jerrid I most certainly agree with you, i find that you cant beat the Brunswick Pneumatic tires. Even the urethane V tires eventually tend to spread and cause problems.

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      Re: Quality "blew-matic" power lift tires

      LOL tell us how you really feel Jerrid

      Amen on the old brunswick tires nothing beats them.

      Mike Wilson
      Mike Wilson
      Bowl-Tech Inc..


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        Re: Quality "blew-matic" power lift tires

        I have a few of them that have been in for better than a year, also have had a few that blew in a few months. I think that it was a good idea, but still isn't quite beefy enough to play with the big dogs.

        I think that if they made it almost solid, with as much urethane as there is air in it now ... (it does need to compress somewhat) that the durability would be there, there's no question that it lifts balls well, but the lifespan could use some work.



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          Re: Quality "blew-matic" power lift tires

          The old adage:
          Speed cost's money, how fast do you want to go?
          My experience with the honycomb wheels is exactly that, positive returns, little problems. even with reactives. However very short life, two years max. Hard to beat a Brunswick tire on the bottom, with a v wheel on the top.The reason for that configeration is if a belt slips, its on the the top, bottom dosen't slip, resulting in a double v groove in the ball. This is not a problem that is localized, it's nationwide, didn't really start till reactives. If anyone has more input, or a simple solution, please share it with us. We accecpt that the lift must be level, clutch good, either urethane, or leather tracks, converted to v drive, or what ever you have found most effective , and with no obvious impedance to ball entry. If you have found a positive cure for this problem, you will enjoy the undying respect of this entire forum


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            Re: Quality "blew-matic" power lift tires

            I tried a few of those tires myself. They lifted balls great until they "blew-out". I replaced them a couple of times (they replaced them under warranty)but finally switched back to the Brunswick "Go Cart" tires. I heard recently from my distributor (Mitchell Sales) that Quality is introducing a Ureathane Foam Tire that has the same profile of the honeycomb design but is "much more durable". They told me they have sent some prototypes to area centers for Quality and they love them. We'll have to wait and see if they've come up with something better than the original Brunswick.


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              Re: Quality "blew-matic" power lift tires

              I was recently contacted by the product manager of Brunswick, about this post, he explained to me how they have tried to discontinue the new-matic tires, but some mechanics complained that it was the only one that would lift balls in their powerlifts. They are introducing a new foam type tire that will supposedly outlast the new-matic tire. He was extremely helpful and courteous about the situation, and even sent me 2 of the new tires they are testing, at no charge! (thanx Dave!) These new tires look extremely tough, I will put them to the test, and let you all know how they work. They as well are bonded to an aluminum hub and seem to be made of some type of urethane foam, they are (no pun intended) "blew" in color. I guess this goes to show you these guys are always working to improve their products, which sure makes life a little easier on all of us.

              Thanks Quality, im sure these tires will work out very well.

              and then he said, "on your death bed, you will receive total consciousness" so I got that going for me...... which is nice!


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