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Balls, Balls and more Balls!


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  • Balls, Balls and more Balls!


    What am I missing?
    O.K., here's the deal. One lane is driving me crazy with ball calls. I've got new rubber on ball lift rods, (3) 24in kicker strips on ball wheel, adjusted, readjusted, and adjusted again clapper box assembly. But still getting balls spinning between SBE and bottom of ball lift. A few times the ball has spun out from the ball lift rods and circles in front of the cushion, then the cushion comes down with the ball stuck in front of it. I've also rebuilt all bushings in clapper box and exchanged with other ball lift assembly.

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    Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!

    Over the years I have found a few SBE's mis installed causing simaler problems to yours

    just a thought

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..


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      Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!

      have you been playing with the pit frame or pit board lately? We jacked up are pit frames on some lanes and had the same kind of problems by getting the frame set a little to high.


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        Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!

        Definatly sounds to me like your shaker board is too low, we had to put a few shims in ours to get some of them up enough that the ball would fall into the ball wheel.
        Good Luck!

        David Bolt
        Champaign, IL
        USBC Silver Coach
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        IBPSIA Advanced
        Technical Certified
        Pro Shops


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          Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!

          Well, Never had any real instructions on installing the SBE, but being that the mechanic before me invented the thing, I'm going to assume(Yeah I Know) that he figured out what he was doing. For the pit, I have about a 1/16 clearance between ball and shaker board. The SBE is mounted so the end of the arm is about 1/4 of an inch from the ball lift. You would think the ball would just continue right up, but it dosn't. What about just to much oil? But yet this is the only problematic machine? We use that DBA extend, could that be to slick when transfered?


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            Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!

            I have seen in some cases that the long lift rod is too far forward, on two of my machines, I took a pitshaft and stuck it in there like a lever to bend the long rod towards the back of the machine slightly. This will allow the ball to fully seat in the ball wheel, provided your pitframe is the right height.
            and then he said, "on your death bed, you will receive total consciousness" so I got that going for me...... which is nice!


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              Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!

              I agree with Marty on this one, Check the height of your pit frame first. Then although you should have already checked this, You did not mention if you checked the ballwheel itself, Is it sitting all the way down on the lower guide rollers, with the upper guide rollers adjusted right ?? If the ballwheel is raised up off the lower rollers you will almost always get balls spinning on the wheel. Just my two cents, Good luck, Roger C


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                Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!

                Dead on Roger C:
                First order of drill on ball return problems, check the ten side trunion to make certain it is in contact with the ball wheel, thus assuring the ball wheel is centered.
                Second, make certain all flanges are in good order.
                Third, ball lift rods are parallel to main frame of elevator, not necessarily centered on ball wheel.
                Fourth, full size ball on wheel, check position of ball centering by using a sheet of paper parallel to the wheel and just touching the ball, both for and aft to ascertain if ball is centered on wheel. If not measure from rear guard, (not the carpet) to the rubber on the rear rod, even with the edge of rhs of clapper, on both A's and A2s should be no less than 4 1/2" nor more than 4 7/8"
                Fifth, place full size ball just under both rods, with rods lifted fully, adjust clapper screw to 5/16, use an allen wrench for an guage, if clapper is worn at the point the screw contacts it, put a 3 inch carraige bolt upside down to replace the allen bolt, in leiu of that, count the turns you back out the allen bolt- its a 3/8-16 so four turns equal 1/4 inch. Recheck ball centering on ball wheel, with the paper,with the ball resting at dead position. If not centered, you will have to bend the lift rod closest to the pin deck either up or down, and readjust the clapper bolt to obtain, both centering and 5/16 gap on the clapper bolt, most spinning balls are a result of not going under both rods evenly, and trying to lift
                them too high. Finally adjust the SBE height so that a full size ball will roll under it at the center of carpet, into the wheel and rest fully on rod closest to rear of machine, then adjust it so it catches ball as ball startes to climb the wheel. Several other important adjustments have been previously mentioned, ie. with carpet at
                closest position to ball wheel, a minimum of 1/8 between lip and full size ball, a minium of 1/8 between a straight edge on carpet and ball wheel, again allen wrenches are a good guage


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                  Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!

                  Agree with Jerrid about bending the front lift rod rearward. We bent quite a few of ours (some had really spread apart at the bottom over the years). Along with having the right pit height it really put a stop to all the "ball between lift and cushion" stops. If the distance between the 2 rods at the bottom is too wide the ball uses the front rod and the s.b.e. as it's makeshift lift rods and shoots up behind the cushion.


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                    Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!

                    While we're on the subject, what is the proper dimension for the gap between the two rods at the bottom?



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                      Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!

                      What about the Yo Yo eliminator that goes on the ball lift rod. That keeps the rod from spreading apart we put them on. And that helped our problem. Just an idea


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                        Re: Balls, Balls and more Balls!


                        The distance between the two rods at bottom, should average 5 5/8 on an A/2, 6 1/2 on A's.
                        Difficult to measure accuratly however, owing to the curvature. I use the figure of 11 1/2 inches to rear plate for a starting position, for the short rod,measured at the metal. 4 1/2 to 4 3/4 for the long rod, measured at the edge of the rubber, most often will center a ball on wheel


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