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  • turrets

    Hey guys!Our mechanic is wanting to take out the entire turret assy.and re-build them(40 lane house),because of some indexing troubles here and there.Thing is..they were just ALL re-built about a year and a half ago!These are a-2 units the speed of the machines are too fast, and i see the speed is causing troubles.The center has a service come in and i think that the service is just milking money!Anyway-why not just look at the latch,short link areas instead of ripping them all out? I have cured many index troubles already due to the dreded...did not index after the 5 pin drops,by adjusting the long turret belt tension spring,i do that and,POOF!,no more problems...go figure.Would you really rip them all out?His troubles seem to be,did not index..mis-indexed.

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    Re: turrets

    Saying goes, if it ain't broke, fix it 'till it is..... Something like that probably isn't requiring a major overhaul... especially on 40 lanes. Yes, it ~is~ a good idea and practice to tear 'em out occasionally, clean and O/haul the things, depending on your back-end cleanliness and habits, 2 years should not be too long to worry about. Chances are it's something being overlooked, unless your house is like ours, where ~everything's~ worn out... but being freshly overhauled, I wouldn't suspect that. The overhaul is more likely a convenience than necessity, IMHO. But I'd certainly try to find a slow time to do it, especially if the mechanic has never tackled it before.

    I agree, though, check all the "real" points, latches, belts, etc, and correct as necessary. Although I agree, things can never be ~too~ clean. Something like that you just have to prioritize, I suppose. If you're mech has nothing else pressing, sure, go for it. But if he has other problems that should take precedence over his time, I'd look there first. I can't make any assumptions for your mech's experience level, so I'm just generalizing here.

    Good luck!
    Oldsmagnet -- Sidney MT


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      Re: turrets

      Ok guys..your gonna spaz on this one! In a 24 lane center i worked at, the turrets were never taken out!!Only if one broke.The usual items tended to,like the clutch,slides, know.Those machines were original model A types converted of course and are the old solid built green cant kill one of those!The center has been there since 1960 i think and run at Jet-Back speeds.I went through the latches,links,etc. and they run just super!If a problem happens to pop up,its just a minor adjustment and all is ok.They are kept pretty clean and lubed.I think part of the key to these running so long and good has been the SLOWER indexing speeds,the turrets are not taking a pounding as with normal A-2 speeds.Slow it down and it will last longer.Think they only had 2-3 turrets break in ALL that time.Go figure!As for regular stops..they get about 5-6 a week.Makes ya wonder.


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        Re: turrets

        We haven't taken any of our turrets out as a whole assembly yet (40 ln. center) but when we rebuild turret clutches each year, we'll take and clean up the frames real well, and lube everything & replace worn out parts. It sure not as easy to get them as clean as you can like when you pull a deck and pressure wash it (mmmm niiiice), but I think it seems like the quality of your rebuild, and the work you do on them is what will make the difference on how reliable the turret is, not wether or not you entirely pull it out of the machine. But that also is a good thing if the time is there.


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          Re: turrets

          Ripping out all the turrets is ok if you got nothing better to do but twiddle your thumbs. However, you could be wasting time if everything is adjusted as so. Our center has those Mean Green Brunswick Machines which are running like a caddy and thats even without yanking out everything. Periodic maintence is best.


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            Re: turrets

            Hello all. Just found this site, looks great. I have just finished a turret rebuilding in my house (32 lanes). All spider rings and turret clutches came out. You would not believe the dirt caked on the rings. I tore each one down, wire wheeled the surfaces the bearings ride on, soaked the bearings in pinsetter cleaner then dried then soaked in oil before re-assembling. I replaced all of the 5-pin chute bolts with socket head cap screws for more durability. At the same time I removed the turret clutches, completely cleaned, rebuilt,and reassembled with new indexing belts to stop that ever irratating whine. I think I spent less than $10.00 per machine. The reason I started this program was I had continually had problems with the spider assemblies not re-latching after dropping pins, while doing this program I noticed that the previous mechanic had placed tension springs from one of the spoons to the lower basket frame, helping the spider to return to the latched position. I think a program is great, but, yes, you do need a lot of time, it is a great project to delegate to a "B" mechanic only after you do a few with him to make sure he does them the way you would do them....


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              Re: turrets

              I have those springs on my spiders too,they work great.,even in a center that had turrets rebuilt by a service,personally either the service wasnt to good with the rebuilds or the current guy didnt keep up with them but,they have some indexing problems like the screw for the latch bearing pin comes out,cheap short links bending up,heck...they one guy put oil on the clutch facings...whats this!!I lube the areas and keep things adjusted,,,always have to look since that area takes a beating.To me...the service did a fair job,the short link x-pins were put in backwards at the rear of the link.,kinda ard to get them out.,but i do.I do use...never-seeze on most parts...(1)i dont have to go and oil things as much,(2)it doesnt attract the dirt much at all!,(3)when i do take things apart,its always real nice and slick and ready for action.Have done this on all my lower rake pivot points and other things with super results!!Even after 2 years,the parts are like new and clean.I use the copper base formula only with great results and NO troubles.


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