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Ball Lift Problem


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  • Ball Lift Problem

    I've had problems with balls getting stuck in a particular lift causing ball damage. I've changed the tracks, and both wheels, still does it occasionally. Any ideas?

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    Re: Ball Lift Problem

    gibh...where is the ball getting caught at? I would assume it is stopping between the two wheels and the 4 tracks and leaving burn marks on the ball. Is this correct? If it is, I would check the width of the lift itself and compare that with a lift that is working fine. I can remember when reactives first came out, I widened a couple of lifts with washers to stop damage until we figured out the real problem...maybe someone before you did something like this and never put it back...just an idea.

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      Re: Ball Lift Problem

      Lift up front or lift on mchs.?
      What kind of damage?
      Up front, suspect the clutch, test it by rolling the bottom wheel, with hand on top, towards the end of the approach, taking only a small bite at a time. If it ever slips in a one miniute test, replace it. Observe the sides of the lift where ball comes up. A shiny line denotes ball riding up off rails, especially at head of belt tension bolt. Any rubber loose, (ie) unglued. Look for ball pieces at entry of lift, denotes track misalignment upstream. Most all ball damage is diagnosed by the paticular damage to the ball. Describe the damage and I'll bet someone on this venue will nail it.
      Hope this is of some help, nothing worse can happen to a mechanic, than ball damage.


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        Re: Ball Lift Problem

        I've learned a while ago to not be surprised when things I figured would be uniform are not.Powerlift dimensions are a good example.The dimension between powerlift tires
        is not uniform which is one reason why you can have certain powerlifts where everything appears to be in good working order,clutch is good ,tires and c-tracks look fine,and yet balls still manage to get stuck in the transistion between the upper and lower tires.If this is where your finding your bowling balls getting stuck you might want to try the following.Try a go-cart type powerlift tire in both positions.I have found the safest powerlift tires to use are the traditional go-cart tires.(53-520060# I think thats right)They don't last as long as v tires but they seem to alway pickup the balls.I have also ordered the leathers that cover the traditional rubber c-tracks and on occassion installed them over the urathane c-tracks.Hope this helps.


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          Re: Ball Lift Problem

          Good Advice David
          Thats pretty much all I order these days for the power lift, the old style tires. I very rarely experience power lift problems with them.

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            Re: Ball Lift Problem

            The power lift clutches don't necessarily have to feel bad to BE bad. All it takes is one bad spot inside the clutch to seize up can spin it all day and never notice it sometimes...but a ball will eventually find it. I've noticed that the clutches are more likely to develop this kind of problem when larger accelerator drive pulleys are used, and the ball comes up front with a little more speed. Hope this helps!
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              Re: Ball Lift Problem

              Thanks for the replies guys, checked the clutch, seemed to be ok but I changed it anyway after changing the wheels and tracks and the problem persisted. I'll order a few of the go cart tires and try them.


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                Re: Ball Lift Problem

                Replacing good parts with another good part is what we all try to avoid. If you can grasp the top of the bottom tire, roll the clutch around in 1/8 increments, for one minute without a single slippage, you can rest assured, you have a good clutch.
                The name of our game, is after all, diagnosis.


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