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Detector trivia (?)


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  • Detector trivia (?)

    The quiz page seems to be down so I thought maybe to throw in a detector quiz question or 2. just for fun. no need to reply to this post really.
    hey happy holidays. they're coming fast!
    i'll post the answers in a few days.
    when they come, double check me.

    ok. racking my brain,
    1) if your deck height is 21" at 270, what was the relationship between the standing pins cam follower and the timing cam at 0?
    a) allowed to ride the cam
    b) held up from riding the cam until 180
    c) you can't have a deck height of 21" at 270 on a properly running machine.
    d) hey dum dum, get your facts straight. the standing pins cam follower doesn't ride the timing cam.

    2) If the bottom of the clutch actuator has just moved foward during your first detection, what might have been the corrosponding deck height? (lots of choices here)
    a) 15"
    b) 21"
    c) 8.5"
    d) 10.5"
    e) a or b is correct
    f) b or c is correct
    g) c or d is correct
    h) a or d is correct
    i) b or d is correct

    ok last one.
    3) If you were to remove the strike controller spring, the detector may most likely guide the pinsetter through which type of cycle:
    a) constant or intermittant no strike/standing pins cycles.
    b) it would just be a mess. you'd have the moving deck and scissors try to operate in the same cycle, requiring much overtime that week.
    c) constant or intermittant strike/no standing pins cycles.
    d)either a or c, followed by the deck trying to set pins from holding-hook height at 270.

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    [This message has been edited by Matty (edited 11-11-1999).]

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    Re: Detector trivia (?)

    1 The strike cam follower better be in standing pins position, because you just had an out of range, which is simply an interrupted standing pins cycle. Its quite possible however to get a oor signal along with a strike signal, indicating an improper detector rod adjustment, Condition will most often show up when out of ranged between the 7 and 8 pin position, which is why I only check oors in that position

    2 8 1/2 inches, strike

    3 Dependant upon freedom of levers in detector, most likly no strike signal, thereby constant detecting strokes,(if it started with an actual strike), no second ball detection at 270, If however standing pins were present when condition was set up, a second ball detection would be made at 270, thereby setting the deck holding hook in position to capture deck, at which time at 90 should get a strike , however controller normally wouldnt move with out the spring on it


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      Re: Detector trivia (?)

      Wow man that kind of talk excites me. Haven't heard stuff like that since Don Bain in 77.


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        Re: Detector trivia (?)

        Upon rereading question 1, I neglected to answer the question in regards to the position of standing pins follower, it would have gone to the cam at 270 thus still riding the cam at O, (unless of course you did"nt remove a spring from that detecto also)


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          Re: Detector trivia (?)


          Nice questions. Must have recently been to A/P School.

          #1). A

          #2). G

          #3). D

          No explainations are really neccassary. Been there , Done that. Thanks DON!!

          May the FORCE be with you, Always.

          May the FORCE be with you, Always.



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            Re: Detector trivia (?)

            Hey guys. I hope I barking up the right tree with these answers. Let me know if I not.

            Here are the answers to the quiz questions:
            (as best as I can answer my own questions, here goes
            1) "B"
            The standing pins cam follower is on the "C" shaft of the detector. If you have a deck height of 21" at 270, that's an OOR condition, and the deck is at 21" because it's on the holding hook at 270. An OOR cycle can only occur during 1st ball cycle, therefore the standing pins cam follower is being held off the timing cam (AT 0 degrees) so that the detector may run the 1st ball cycle. At 0 degrees of a 1st ball cycle, the standing pins cam follower is held off the timing cam by the standing pins selector. In fact, the "thwack" that you hear when putting the detector on 2nd ball during a respot is the standing pins cam follower smacking down onto the timing cam (ouch).

            If the bottom of the clutch actuator goes forward (toward the foul line), the detector has just made a "strike" detection. The 2 possible deckheights of a strike detection are 8.5" when no pins on the deck during 1st ball cycle, AND 21" during 2nd ball cycle, when the deck is up on the holding hook. During both situations the bottom of the actuator moves forward to allow the clutch release lever to freefall and disengage the GB clutch at 180 in case the deck does not have 10 pins to set.

            Here's why it's not "d".
            If you remove the strike controller spring, the controller most likely will not have enough "gravity" power to fall into the low of the selector cam at 90. Therefore, the strike selector being spring-urged to obey the movement of the controller "stays put". The result is the strike cam follower stays put, no movement of the "d" shaft is allowed, standing pins cycle is taken from 0 to 90.
            AT 180 of any cycle, (of a non malfunctioning pinsetter) the deck holding hook has no business being "On" the post, because the "c" shaft gets rotated by the standing pins cam follower which will in turn lift the hook. So it wouldn't set pins from mid-air.
            Symptoms of this problem would be (i think): if bowler rolls a strike, pinsetter would run a no-strike/standing pins cycle, and respot "air" at 270. But at 270, even though it's respotting "nothing", the detector would still be able to place itself on 2nd ball (i think) due to the position of the disc. So they'd have to hit reset to get a new set. (Kind of like bowling a no-tap all night long).

            Well how did you do? Hope i was close.
            I have heard a lot about Don
            My m.o.s. had him at school. I would like to meet him someday.
            have good week guys. have a happy turkey day soon.

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              Re: Detector trivia (?)

              First ball.0 degrees, bowler throws ball. creating an out or range.
              90 degrees, mch detects condition, stops,
              out of range hook is pulled.
              180 degrees mch goes onto deck hld hook.
              270,on hook mch goes to second ball, with standing pins controller on low of timing cam.
              0 degrees, mch off hook, still on second ball, with standing pins controller still in low of cam.
              As you can see, with standing pins, first ball cycle only consists of 270 mch degrees, from the initial 0, however first ball cycle actually begins at 180 degrees,after recieving a strike signal at 90 on hook
              Respectfully submitted:


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                Re: Detector trivia (?)

                Sorry about that. I was sure I asked if the standing pins cam follower is touching or being held off the timing cam at zero degrees before the oor is detected. It's being held off (or the machine would take a 2nd ball cycle).
                sorry for the mistake.

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