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Double Indexing


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  • Double Indexing

    When the torsion latch for the time delay gear is triggered the turret will index twice. It seems that the time delay gear is rotating slower then the rest of the machines. I have replaced the latch, short turret belt and trip lever,which did not cure the problem any other ideas whey the gear looks like it is moving so slow and double indexing?

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    Re: Double Indexing

    Try replacing turret clutch assembly. Might be slipping or you might have a bind. Mal B.


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      Re: Double Indexing

      It sounds like the friction disc is either slipping or binding.
      Check the condition of the friction pads.
      Also check the condition of the top turret drive pulley.
      Sometimes the pads and pulley can become glazed and need to be scuffed up a bit with a scotch brite pad.
      When you have the turret clutch apart check the condition of the slide plate.
      Sometimes the tube where the bearings and shaft go through has come loose from the plate,it is only riveted together so it is a common problem.
      Also be sure to OIL the time delay gear bushings and OIL the outside of the bearing tube and the friction disc bushing.
      Also put a little oil on top of the spring guide so the friction disc can turn freely.
      Also check the long turret belt spring tension and if the turret is level.
      I hope these ideas help.


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        Re: Double Indexing

        Grambo is dead on about loose slide plate rivets. Problem so common, Bruns welds all new units, which is what most people do when removing one. Make certain to securely clamp tube to plate, to ensure its perpendicularity to the slide plate, before welding. Aftermarket clutch linings larger than original, also contribute to this problem as they actually lower the frictional ability of the drive disc, owing to the fact they have much more surface area, with no comparable increase in surface tensioning. Have found cases where a light lithium grease on bearing surfaces was necessary, even with a new drive plate, to make these larger units operate. I use,as a test to ensure the disk is driving adequately, the simple means of holding the index trip lever back, while tripping the time delay latch, and physically preventing the gear from turning at the ramp, this will give a good feel of how hard the clutch is pulling. It also has the added benefit of making certain all trip linkage in good shape and functional. If you can hold a trip lever back, at the five pin position, trip the time delay latch and not prevent the turret from indexing, you can pretty much put it to bed on indexing after five.


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          Re: Double Indexing

          Thanks guys all the tips. It was the friction disk on the turret clutch. The problem is now cured thanks again.


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            Re: Double Indexing

            I see ya got your problem fixed but also alotta time a couple screws on the bottom of turret indexing pulley will come loose and cause mutiple and periodic indexes...nuttin alittle loctite on the screws wont fix...(blue type only)



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