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  • traning pinchasers

    I would like some input on traning new people. I have them read the service manual, explain machine operations, drill on machine stops until they understand(I think they get it). How much can a person obsorb in a couple of hours?? When I think they get it I work them for week or so with a trained pinchaser (time depends on individual), but traning period these machines run like saints. They don't mess up much. If I could afford training everyday, I would be out of a job, HA,HA. I would like some other methods on pinchaser trining. Thanks for your input.

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    Re: traning pinchasers

    Larry, you are doing just what the rest of us are doing I believe. I understand when you say that no problems happen when you have your trainee in the pit area. I made a written test I have my guys take after about 2 weeks. I stress that it is learning tool and is not made for the purpose of embarassing anyone. Stay with your program and good luck.


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      Re: traning pinchasers

      Someone, a few months ago??? mentioned taking pictures of various problems. Someone else suggested scanning 'em in on PC, and sending 'em here. Any news on this? Did those pics ever surface, and are they available for others to use? Sounds like a great training device, although better for the desk help, I guess. When I started my "training" they rigged up about five or six malfunctions on different pinsetters, and had me try to diagnose/clear them up. First few times, I just watched. The final "test" had me hiding in the office, while the mech. caused trouble everywhere. Then he watched while I fixed. Figured it was fine after that, so I worked alone from then on. Something to think about anyways. Although it seems we humans can ~never~ screw up a machine as well as they can do to themselves, but it's a start
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        Re: traning pinchasers

        I had a sheet typed up that explained how to answer calls and gave some things to check like a flow chart for 180's and blackout.
        After they got down pinchasing I would show them replacing scissors, re-installing deck cable,pin gate strap replacement,how to re-install all belts,mostly the basics.
        Once you see that someone has mechanical aptitude then you can show them for detailed repairs, also after they show that they are a dependable employee.
        Nothing worse than spending time training someone and you have to fire them 2 weeks later because they do not show up!!
        I mostly spent my time showing them how to fix the COMMON problems because their are so many things that can go wrong it will not all sink in.
        Good luck because good night help can be a god send.


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          Re: traning pinchasers

          I use either lane#1 or lane #40 for training and teach them about safety,respots,etc.,but...i go a different route.I painted..yes painted my,180 link,long link,pref.rods,cycle solenoid cover,rake sweep rod,well you get the ida! I did this to help them identify the parts faster and their function and it really seems to sink in faster.Most folks dont like bowling on end lanes so i use them for training.I dont paint the entire part,just enough so it can be seen works for me!


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            Re: traning pinchasers


            That sounds like a great idea, painting the differant parts to ID them....



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