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rake swwep hook bearing


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  • rake swwep hook bearing

    hey guys on the 24 a-2 setters i worked on for 7 years id always have that rake sweep bearing nuke on me ok the A machings dont go out as much as the A-2 i finally found out what was taking that bearing out it was the trip link would flip over I call it a dog leg puting more pressure on that little bearing what do you guys think?? let me know j b

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    Re: rake swwep hook bearing

    Looked for the old thread on this subject and couldn't find it, or I'd give the credit to the right guy ... but there needs to be some clearance between the bearing that controls the sweep hook and the cross brace at 180 ... if everything's tight at this point, the load goes through the curved shoe and rod to the sweep hook bearing and it can't take it ... had this happen here, 3 bearings in 2 months because the bearing on the shoe was jammed up against the cross brace ... adjusted the rod and no problems better than a year later.



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      Re: rake swwep hook bearing

      I remember the topic it was on shop chat...

      inverted trigger linkage can cause extra pressure on linkage and bearing, you can eliminate inverted trigger linkage by drilling and installing a roll pin in the top pivot (12-252029) this eliminates travel and linkage cannot flip over.

      Good Luck


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        Re: rake swwep hook bearing

        Masternuts suggestion, of a roll pin in slotted link is right on. Been doing this for years on all shotgun mchs, with no problems resulting, however was not clever enough to think of a roll pin, used a bolt with double nut instead. Great site for innovative ideas.
        You should see a picture of his back end, looks like a hospital corridor. He sent me a picture of the bungee cord, pin holding device, replacing the add on pin guide we are most using, much superior, no pin locking at new pin guide, wished he'd post the picture, on the new site Mike's developing. an aside- to this thread, bearing can also be wiped out on a ball strike when rake is moving forward from 180, owing to the shock imparted from the sweep hook being driven backwards, whilst crank is driving forwards.
        The more people jump in, the more we all learn.
        Great ideas also come from those whom are fresh to the business, and not steeped in the old ways.


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          Re: rake swwep hook bearing

          thanks for the replys im glad i bought A setters but i still enjoy calling my setters the dirty name id like to know how many wrenchers out there are in the minnesota area people give me **** because im a young pup in the biz. i am but ive seen some buggered up setters in my short time and to boot ive herd well it will get me buy I HATE to here that i like a setter to run well i have a problem on how a setters rake runs i like the pendlum look if the cam is off i adust it if a setter cant sweep right it shoud be JUNKED J B


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            Re: rake swwep hook bearing

            Well guys after 25 years experience on all Brunswick Pinsetters of all speeds and modles.I totally agree with all the responses but the main cause is the rake boards getting slammed with a high speed ball.Common with A2s more than As do to the triggering setup.Bam Big noise next thing ya know ya have a destroyed rake assy twisted under the deck....SOLUTION...Cost alot more than the regular one Piece sweep links,but the Zot or Brunswick Colaspible sweep link will solve the problem and keep that pinsetter running many more hrs.and keep happy bowlers(Having to move bowlers can make us Mechanics tend to look bad)And we dont need that now do we?Also make sure that the rake is ajusted good and at 180 that the saftey angle bracket is under the upper cross member at about 1/8th inch or youll end up with a double bent rake sweep link and a busted sweep hook bearing.Piece a cake to change but a Royal pain in the ass...LOL



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              Re: rake swwep hook bearing

              All excellent suggestions! I have even used most of them in the past, but some of these bearings are 30+ years old. It is possible to regularly inspect these bearings and replace ones that are likely to soon fail. To do this, turn the AP off, reach in the front of the detector and pull the sweep
              hook to release the pressure on the bearing.
              While doing this, with your other hand, reach in and spin the bearing slowly while examining the outer race. You will see cracks
              across the width of the outer race on suspect
              bearings that should be replaced before they
              fail at an inopportune moment. The first time
              I went through the house looking at this, I
              found at least half a dozen. It helps to have
              a flashlight shining in there. Good Luck, Glitch


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