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180 lock ups


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  • 180 lock ups

    It has been a loooong time since i have been on this sight. The last time i was on our center had a problem with leaving ten pin on a great first ball. I'd like to thank everyone for the help.

    We have a new problem that I would like some help on . We replaced recently two clutch arms on our Jet Backs and now the 180 stops in the down position and will not set pins.
    I have set the Linkage according to the manual that did not help. I then adjusted the linkage at the turret with little ot no play in it without the machine reseting by it's self.
    the new clutch arms come with a plastic roler and not the steel, the pin size is larger.
    Please help me !
    Thanks Snuffy

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    Re: 180 lock ups

    If you are saying that the pinsetter is at 180 w/full deck and that the 180 turret interlock link spring cannot overpower the stop arm at 180...a few things to check.

    check the stop arm for worn spot from previous bearing contact,if worn file flat again.(the nylon roller on the new arm is harder to disengae but should still work)

    check gearbox clutch adj #7 page 3-11
    make sure you drive disc isnt running out of spine(bottoming out)if adjusted too close it puts alot of pressure on stop arm at disengagement.



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      Re: 180 lock ups

      Hay guys had this exact problem before drove me balder than I already am....After changing almost everything and nothing worked guess what it turned out to be? I racked my brains on it...So simple cause was that the hole in the cluch arm was ovaled and larger than the pin that holds the bearing in place and THAT was causing a Bind on the clutch stop lever i replaced the assembly and much to my surprise it worked..Good luck


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        Re: 180 lock ups


        Have had so many problems, early on, with the nylon roller, I'll take one off if I run across a machine with that system installed, even if it's currently not presenting a problem. Model A's are a little more forgiving of the 180 interlock adj., than either J.Bs or A2s.
        Agreeably, if everythings perfect, linkage wise, they will work, but like every thing on a pinsetter, there's a trade off, this isn't one accecptable to me


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          Re: 180 lock ups

          Hmmm .. have several J/B's with the nylon roller and no problems in years.

          As long as the nylon roller turns freely, there should be sufficient pressure from the 180 link to pop the clutch ... maybe the nylon roller has a burr on it or the tolerance between the roller and the pin is just too close. If so, open up the hole in the roller a little bit (or spread the yoke arms if it binds on the sides of the roller) till it spins freely. I also put some oil on the roller and pin before assembling it.

          Also, take a look at whether the opening in the yoke arm is centered over the stop arm. Have seen some cases where the top arm and the yoke itself didn't fit quite right together ... maybe the yoke itself is resting on the stop arm or binding on the side of the stop arm, when i get one of those, a washer between the yoke ear and the snap ring will get it to center up better.

          Hope this helps:


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            Re: 180 lock ups


            I have gone across the house and installed those nylon rollers and pins on all the clutch lever arms. Had to drill a couple of the holes in the arms to compensate for the larger pins. They have been on for over a year now, and I have had no problems with them at all. When I was changing the rollers, I did have to replace 2 of the lever arms. The new "yoke" style arms I received had some kind of material left in between the arms from the casting process. I just used a flat file and smoothed it out, and have had no problems with them since.
            They were kinda of a tight fit originally.



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              Re: 180 lock ups

              I took all the info that all of you gave me,
              and used it all. I found some of the rolers
              were too tight in the arms ,so i filed the burs off. I also found that the stop levers were not flat and also had to file them. So far the problem is solved. I hope it stays that way. My thanks to everyone who helped me with my 180 lock ups. And remember we do this because we like our jobs.


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