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    I have a half-dozen or so lifts in my house on which harder surfce balls Yo-Yo unmercifully. It seems that the problem has existed on these lanes since long before I, or any of our staff, began working at the center. Clapper box rebuilds, new kicker strips(religiously), lift and spring rod name it, we've done it...but to no avail. I'm looking for the one element that I must be missing. Could a bad ball wheel alignment, gone uncorrected for years be the cause? I'm a relatively new mechanic...need some help from the veterans. Thanks
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    Re: Stop this ride

    Toolz, check your e-mail for a possible solution. I love e-mail!!!
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      Re: Stop this ride

      I can feel your pain..I went threw the same problem years ago,it drove me crazy because I am one who likes all the pinsetters adjusted and modified the same across the house,and yo-yo's would drive me crazy...I would come in at night during league running arond in back from lane to lane with an old pit shaft bending lift rods....
      Everyone has there on little way of adjusting so I can only share what works for us.I adjust pretty much by the book..but install a second spring over the exsisting spring rod spring(I install an outer deck control cable tube spring #12-100482)
      There are a few more tricks if this still doesn't do the job.We also run 30 inches of Techline ball wheel kicker on each wheel.
      We have 3 A-2 centers (116 lanes)and we average 1-3 yo-yo calls a month.With 65-85 units of oil.
      Hope this helps,


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        Re: Stop this ride

        I went to the Zot 2 spring convertion kit and it all but eleminated our problems and I feel it keeps the ball centered as well. I use an orange rough top kicker that last as long as all the others and they work like a dream. I also converted all the lift rods over to the blue urethane rod covers and did away with all the rubber nonsense. I have had them on for over 2 years and they show no sign of wear yet and they clean real easy.
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          Re: Stop this ride

          Hey Toolz.
          I used to have good luck getting rid of yo-yo's by adjusting the lift rod spring rod.
          I would loosen the stop collars and center the lift rods to the ballwheel, on pesky ones I would even move the rods a little closer to the rear frame.
          Also make sure the kicker strips are long enough to bring the ball up on one trip.
          I use to use 2 kickers back to back so that way if one fell off it had a backup.
          Hope these ideas help


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            Re: Stop this ride

            I usually like to start with the basics when
            I have problems like this,remember to check
            the following.1.Be sure all guide rollers are
            in good shape,especially the lower groove one.2.Be sure your ball wheel is in adjustment.3lift rods are centered and parallel to the ballwheel.Kickers and spring
            rod kits like zot makes sure help also.You might try a new set of lift rods ,if you have
            old bent rods they are real difficult to deal
            with and adjust.If someone has bent them out
            of whack its real hard to reshape them.I have also used the urathane rod covers they clean up real well and last for years but I
            wouldn't recommend them on liftrods that I
            was having yo-yo problems.Every house has its
            own personality and I'm sure that many people
            don't have problems but I've had to remove
            them on several lanes in different house
            because of them creating yo-yos ,slick urathane, oil and hard bowling balls don't usually mix well.I've found
            the red brunswick rubber to be the safest one
            to use.
            Good luck

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              Re: Stop this ride

              i have had this problem and went across the house with zot lift rod camps. they pull the lift rods together and are adjustable. have not had any trouble since!


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                Re: Stop this ride

                both zot lift rod kits do work well for me, but I would check the top of your rods. See if they are parallel. My rods are 40 yrs old so I had to bend the top of the rods to make them parallel again. This stopped a lot of yo-yo problems. If the top of your rods are not parallel with the ball wheel I do not beleive anything will completely cure your problem. Just a trick of mine, good luck!!!!

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