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    I am having a problem with a machine, I will try to explain as good as I can.

    The problem: Have to respot pins approx. 1-2 times per game. There is ten pins on the deck when I go to respot. And doesnt matter which pin it is or number of pins after first ball.

    The solution: ??? Things I have tried are, well first of all I think what is happening is when the deck is suppost to go down to pick up the the pins after first ball, the deck hook catches the deck and holds it airborn, with in turn the rake swepts away all the pins, and for some reason sets a full rack. What I did was adjust the deck hook out farther, seems to work but the hook is out approx. 1/2" I thinks book says 1/16" max. And then which in turn the moving deck sort of slams forward. And the deck it self has to drop about 1/2" before deck hook catches. If it at all matters I just did a worm gear job, a least put new seals and gaskets in. Any suggestion wold be greatly appreciated!! Thanks guys.

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    Re: problems

    First of all that 1/2 gap is flirting with possible dropping the the deck. I would fine tune the detector rod and test standing pins on each corner pin one at a time. Your detector might have some worn parts in in it. If you don't have a spare, swap one from another machine. Good luck. PJ
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      Re: problems

      Another thing to check is your 180 bar adjustment.
      If the 180 bar is slightly out of adjustment when the turret drops 10 pins the bar will put too much pressure on the actuator link and cause the machine to re-cycle.
      Try lowering the 180 link a tad and see what happens.
      Something else to try.
      I just saw where you said you just did a worm shaft replacement.
      Check your clutch yoke adjustment by seeing if the 4-to 1 crank rod stops in line.
      Also check to see if the clutch coasts when it comes to a stop.
      I see where you replaced gasket and seal but I know from troubles I had that the pesky little o-ring behind the spring guide can let oil through and cause the clutch to drift. Also check if the clutch arm rides above the clutch stop during cycle. You can add a pin gate spring to the arm and attach it to the solenoid box so it rides higher.

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        Re: problems

        First of all, re-set hook adjustment correctly, dropping the deck off the hook is an easy way to take out the 2/1 or some other major gearbox component!!!

        I agree with PJ in that the detector rod is the first place to look. Check the condition of both detector rod roll pins where they touch the frame, if the bottom pin is broken, it can hang up on the frame, causing the machine to think it's being held up on the hook. Second, look at the FIRST part of the detector rod adjustment, the gap between the detector disk and the OOR selector. It's important to have this gap right, i've seen cases where the machine will run a standing pins cycle on what is actually an OOR condition ... if your house has lots of sliding pins, this may be the problem, so test detection of OOR's between the 2-3 7-8 and 9-10 spots. If the machine won't see OOR at all 3 locations and rod is properly adjusted, stabilizer bar ends may be bad.

        My second thought would be a weak spring on the standing pins selector and/or a bind in it, preventing the machine from going back to first ball at 270 setting new pins on an intermittent basis.

        If you have brunswick scoring, sometimes the wire link from the NPS will get caught behind the spring on the standing pins selector, but this would cause the problem to primarily appear in the 10th frame or during no-tap events.

        If you have the automatic OOR kits installed, be sure that the hook selector bearing is in good shape, and the latch is staying in good on oor, I've had cases where the latch would pop out, and then machine sweeps on OOR.

        Sorry about the essay, but hopefully something here will help



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          Re: problems

          I agree with kevin, sounds like your hook selector bearing is bad or gone not letting the deck holding hook to rise on 1st ball.


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