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Time Delay Problems


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  • Time Delay Problems

    Working on Japanese A-2. Old standard time delay goes bad, quits triggering machine. Buy a Zot Time Delay. Within 4 or 5 cycles it goes into rapid fire cycling. You unplug the solenoid and the warning light on time delay show it is just rapid firing. Changed rake switch, reset buttons. Check all undergroud reset wiring as well as in the wire channel and down the side frame. Talked to Zot and they say that when there time delays start rapid firing like that, they have burned up. After running all the wiring and finding nothing obvious, I tried another new Zot time delay. Within 3 or 4 cycles the same thing happens again. I get the constantly firing signal. Then I try and old style regular time delay. It runs for about 10 games. Then what it starts doing is at the end of the first cycle as the machine is coming back to stop at "0" and it switches to second ball the machine automatically fires and it sweeps the spare off. It will do it everytime. But yet is will always stop going back to 1st ball. I am at my wits end on this one. In 20 years I have never seen this. I am afraid to put another time delay in fear of burning yet another one up. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Time Delay Problems

    after checking the machine schematic, check the voltage between pin 13-14, this should be 24v. check your 24v supply if it is high this will cause problems you described. maybe your transformer is starting to short, is the transf. getting hot?? if not check transf. hook up, maybe someone wired transformer wrong. hope this helps.


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      Re: Time Delay Problems

      It sounds to me like you have a short in the 1st-2nd ball light micro-switch. Start with the switch and trace the wiring back to the electrical box.Also,check to be sure that a wire has not worn thru the insulation and is shorting to the pinsetter frame. Any of the low voltage wires touching the frame can cause alot of weird problems.

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        Re: Time Delay Problems

        Problems like this can really be a pain,When you put your next time delay on just to eliminate the reset button wiring , unplug your reset button canon plug and see if the problem stops,Billman could be right you may have a wire shorting against the frame somewhere.If the problem goes away at least you know its probably not in the electrical box.Good luck!

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          Re: Time Delay Problems

          Hey Gunkbrush.
          I had a similar problem like your old time delay unit is causing.
          The machine would cycle as soon as the rake went up at zero.
          It ended up being a take data relay that was touching ground in the electrical box.
          If you have brunswick scorers try swapping out the take data relay.
          I think brunswick calls it a reset button kit.
          Just a thought.
          ps I just read where you said it would stay on second ball.
          If you have brunswick scorers look inside the 2nd ball solenoid box and see if any wires are touching ground.
          I had the clamp nut come loose that holds all the cables in and wear through some insulation and was causing intermittent problems. just another thought

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            Re: Time Delay Problems

            I'd sure try not hooking up wire post nu. 15 on time delay, which is the bleed for time delay on second ball, if scorers involved, leave the connections, just not on the module. Check transformer secondary side for any high voltages as mch is cycling.
            Hope you let us all know the resoloution of this problem, sounds very interesting.


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