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    What would cause a pinsetter to jam with a pin stuck between the spotting fingers and the deck. will also have a pin in the deck chute.

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    Can you give us more details?Are they jamming in the 4,7 area ,is it in all the buckets?Lots of things cause deck jams,dirty buckets,turret indexing problems,pingate not locking properly.What kind of deck buckets and pins are you using?


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      Re: DECK JAMS

      It sounds like pins are sticking in chutes. Possible causes: dirty chutes, bad chutes. Some sticking problems are caused by the type of deck chutes used. Please give more info for a more specific reply.


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        Re: DECK JAMS

        Hey Magic
        It sounds like the pin might be hanging up in the deck chute.
        A good fix for this is to trim off the "skirt" of the deck chute.
        Cut off the last inch or so of the deck chute that goes inside the main deck.
        Also check and see if the deck shifts slightly forward when the machine starts the first ball cycle.
        This will cause pins to be wedged in the chutes.
        Adjust the gearbox clutch so the deck has fully shifted forward at the end of cycle.
        If you could provide more info ALL of us here would be glad to try and help stop your problem.


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          Re: DECK JAMS

          Thanks guys, I figure there is about a thousand years of experience here to get advice from, and we can all use it from time to time. My problem is usually on the 7 pin chute. sometimes a couple times each night,sometimes doesn`t happen for weeks.


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            Re: DECK JAMS

            7 pin deck jams are often difficult to find because of all the different possible causes.
            The first thing I would look at is the deck bucket I would change it just to eliminate it as a possible cause especially if its one of the rough brown quality buckets.Next I'd look at the snubber to make sure it's adjusted properly,then the pingate be sure it locks properly.Finally I'd look at the turret linkage to see if its occassionally multi-indexing.Often the answer to these type of problems require patients and watching the machine run during league until you can see it doing it .Sometimes you need to change out the bucket or pingate even if it looks ok to solve the problem.The important thing is to try something such as changing the bucket that way if it does it again you have at least eliminated one possible cause.I sometimes put a machine in a continous cycle and sit and watch it for a while that often gets it to malfunction.
            Good luck.

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              Re: DECK JAMS

              Your replys will be interesting on this one...LOL...

              I got called for a blackout one night and found a bowling ball in the 3 pin bucket...even machine so the accelerator is on the 7 pin side....nobody around to screw with me so it really happened....LOL...


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                Re: DECK JAMS

                I'd take a look at the outside turret wires, also. I like to keep mine kinda tight, with only 3/16 or so total play between the wires and the pin bellies. The key to finding the cause of doubles in the 7 hole is which pin was MISSING from the rack, or possibly from the rack before. Most times, if you look at the rack in the machine, you'll find that there's a pin missing, and that position's wire adjustments (width, snubber, and spoon centering) are suspects.

                A Late addition: This one sounds like a good place to crack out the Video camera, which will watch the machine in question tirelessly until it screws up, and then you'll have the evidence on tape ... because we all know you can watch it for hours, and when you jump off to catch a call, it will pick that precise moment to screw up.

                Happy Hunting:


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                  Re: DECK JAMS

                  spoons don't always latch either, even though it happens to jam more in the 8 pin.I have seen it make it to the seven pin bucket


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                    Re: DECK JAMS

                    Just a thought...what shape is the deck roller in?? I have come across alot of them through the years that the x-pin gets worn from lack of lube and thusly the roller binds up.I check mine by spinning the roller to see if it spins freely,have seen rollers split,fall completely apart etc.Just something else to check along with all the other great advise.


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