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  • got me stumped

    "cursing at a pinsetter near you..."

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    Re: got me stumped

    Sorry guys...I had to reply to my own post 'cause I hit a wong button...Anyway this is what I got: In a normal cycle, the steel roller on the clutch reset lever rolls up and down on the actuator link until it catches on the ledge, engaging the clutch and thus completing the cycle.....normally if you inhibit the roller from catching the ledge, you will create a continuous cycle....correct?
    I have a machine in which this continuous cycle condition does not occur in the 2nd ball cycle(preventing the roller from catching the ledge with my finger while machine is setting full rack)....the roller simply remains at the bottom of the slot in the actuator and the clutch engages and completes the cycle, stopping the machine UNTIL the turret dumps a load of pins into the previously vacated chutes, at which time the machine proceeds to cycle by itself...Seems to me this MUST have something to do with the 180 turret interlock link, however, we've done the adjustment and still no improvement. I'm not complaining...the only time this would cause a problem during league is if the stopcollar adjustment was off and the roller was not able to latch on the ledge. You guys have been real good as far as giving me solutions to previously unexperienced problems...I hope that trend continues here.
    Thank you Mike
    "cursing at a pinsetter near you..."


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      Re: got me stumped

      Not sure I completly understand what your saying, But the normal reaction of the clutch, when holding the ledge out from engaging the reset lever roller is to go from setting pins right into a 180 stop with pins in sissors, referred to as hanging bananas, dependent upon the 180 setting, the strength of the long loop spring, and the freedom of the release lever, and the style of pinsetter, some mchs will clear themselves when a new load is dumped, but its sister may not. The ledge has to be captured at 270 in order for the 180 link to return to the slot in ladder, to stop at O
      Hope this was what your talking about, if not, don't worry others probably will hit on it


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        Re: got me stumped

        Just called my night mechanic to check on lane in question snapped a moving deck cable.....oh well.....back to the drawing board.
        "cursing at a pinsetter near you..."


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          Re: got me stumped

          Make sure that with a full deck you can still push down on the 180 lever about 1/4". If the freeplay isn't there, the turret's indexing motion past the 5 chute will cause pressure to be put onto the 180 lever. This is normal (so the machine doesn't wait for pins when it already has 10 in the buckets) BUT if the 1/4" freeplay isn't there it will cause the clutch release lever to rotate counter-clockwise and push the stop lever out from under the clutch lever. That will start the cycle (which you don't want).
          Good luck.


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