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  • score king pins

    anyone have these things? what do you think of them. Put this in the brunswick forum since they are brunswick/vulcan pins.

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    Re: score king pins

    Marty, Are these the "offshore" pins? Heard Bruns/Vulcan sourced a pin mfg in Taiwan (hardrock maple from North America ships to China where the labor intensive cores are made and then off to Taiwan for injection molding ,finish and F.O.B. point).We are very interested in hearing

    about how they perform-especially long term. Gordon


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      Re: score king pins

      I think they are the same old max pins with the crowns on them. They call them score kings as part of the promotion for 300 and 800's jackets. And they have a black bottom ring instead of the white. Haven't seen them in person.


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        Re: score king pins

        The Score King were an old Brunswick (Obviously) pin manufactured in the 60s I believe. These were when the pins were coated with nylon instead of Surlyn. They were good solid pins...I still have a couple in the garage. Right underneath the "B" logo was "Score King 50". I'll see if I can get a pic and post it here.

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          Re: score king pins

          The Brunswick Score King and/or Score King 50 was an old plastic coated pin with a nylon reinforcement under plastic. They were popular in the 1960's up to 1970 or so and I have a couple of them in my pin collection. Also have heard there is a Chinese made Max I believe permit 370. We have a few sets of them at Don Carter West they came in white plain boxes. They look the same as AMerican Max but up close the pin doesn't say coated with Surlyn or made in USA. Has a bigger base ring too. They run better in our A2s than their American counterpart. Holding up and scoring well too. However ours say MAx in the standard Blue....coloring of labels is nice too. I think Vulcan's over seas pin is the Vultuf. So is Brunswick now calling this pin a Score Kinig?? Hmmm very interesting.


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            Re: score king pins

            Score King is US-made. It differs from Max in that it has a different coating and base. Also comes with the 300/800 award jacket program.

            The "off shore" pin is called Killer B. It is not being sold in the US market.



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              Re: score king pins

              I talked to the Brunswick Sales Rep about these pins. I was told they are same pin as the Max except for the different logo. Manufactured in WI with the Vulcan pins. Same bottom, same top coat, etc. The reason they gave for the new pin was the marketing of it with the 300 award jacket program. I believe the Brusnwick version of the Tiawan pin is called the "Killer B". The Rep told me that they have sold some of the "Killer B's in the USA but their intent is to sell them only in International Markets


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                Re: score king pins

                Hmmm the Killer B well ours don't say that on them. There is also a center in a town 30 miles from here that has the foreign made Max's. Too bad they aren't selling here better than the American made ones I think. They seem to be holding up much better than our American ones. Anyone seen the Killer B pin or this new Score King logo?? SOunds like another addition(s) for the pin collection



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