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Motor problem


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  • Motor problem

    ok now, the main motor one on of my machines started to have problems starting. I posted a subject about this once before. I replaced the bearing blah blah blah, in the end I just replaced the whole motor..

    about 5 weeks later, the new motor is now having problems starting!!!!
    with no belts on it it starts fine, it is only when I put the belts on that it can't start... one way I have described it as if it hasn't got enough power to start it.. if we give it a bit of a push it goes fine and runs with no problems at all, until I try and start it again.

    anyone got any ideas?? I've ran out of things to check, and suggestion would be a real help


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    Re: Motor problem

    Try swapping the motor with another machine that you know is good. If the problem moves then the motor is bad, if not, the recheck all the bearings and pullys from the clutch to the shaker. Take one belt off at a time starting with clutch, then shaker,crossdrive,ect.You may even have a wormgear binding on clutch.

    good luck


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      Re: Motor problem

      I would try changing the motor capacitors.
      The capacitors are for the start windings to alter the sine wave of the start windings so the motor can start turning by having the run windings and start windings with different sine waves.
      If you have an older motor the capacitors are located inside the motor feet.
      You also could have a bad centrificul switch not letting the capacitors start their job.
      I like the idea of moving the trouble motor to another lane and if it has trouble starting there go with new capacitors.


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        Re: Motor problem

        I'll try moving the motor, but as I said... it is a brand new motor, I have checked the centrificul switch... it works fine.

        I was speaking to a Tech friend of mine, he suggested checing the motor contactor, he says that might be faulty.
        it's one more thing to try at least


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          Re: Motor problem

          Aussie...remember that new doesn't guarantee good. How many times have we all purchased anything just to find out it doesn't work. Move a known good motor to that lane and see what happens. If your contactor was bad...the motor wouldn't run right under a load either. Good luck...

          Just my two cents worth...


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            Re: Motor problem

            check the motor wiring. maybe it's not wired to same voltage as machine.

            i do agree with previous post to remove various belts and check for bind.


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              Re: Motor problem

              ok... I guessed the problem must have been the transformer... it blew up the other day...
              I have put a new one in and now the 'light' fuse keeps blowing.

              I had a electrition in and he couldn't find anything.

              hopeing and praying that some one out there has seen this and knows what it is...



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                Re: Motor problem

                Hey Aussie
                There was a thread on transformer problems awhile back.
                If you are blowing the pin light fuse change your pin deck light ballast and check ALL the wiring from the electrical box to the light fixture including inside to the lamp holders.


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