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  • Zot follower link

    I want pros and cons of Zots super follower link.#10573-1 or #10673-1. Are they worth the money? Do they lasts if taken care of?
    Thanks for your input.

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    Re: Zot follower link

    Been my experience money for accurate triggering is far better spent on Zot or comparable infra red triggers. Irreguardless of how good linkage on A/2s or Jetbacks is maintained you still deal with the fact, that if a child or woman can trigger the mch, the harder thrown balls result in the pins triggering the cushion, with the result that the ball lift rods stop the ball, unless of course you maintain absolute tolerances on cushion heights, shocks, pit mount heights etc. Infra triggering much like timing on an automobile- covers many sins, however if you want to live in the sixties, the linkage kits you mentioned are good, just not cost effective. Could say much more on this subject, but might risk starting a new flaming thread,in the matter of using new technology to correct old flaws.


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      Re: Zot follower link

      I used the zot links around 5 years ago and had some trouble with the dimensions. Sometimes the links wouldn't line up. Talked with Roger about it then and he said he would look into it. Bought a pair 6 months ago to see if they had changed the way they made them. Still the same problem. They sit in a box on a shelf now instead of on a machine. The spacer that is welded on isn't always the same dimension. This causes the oblonged area to bind against the large washers. I didn't like them. But thats just my opinion. I'm quite sure they're some people that love them. Just not me.

      Just my two cents worth...

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