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  • pin lock out

    In the past I asked for help on ten pins
    and on the deck setting pins on the short stroke, now I have a different problem.
    I'm sure someone out there can help.
    The problem I have now is that the cross conveyer locks out only the four pin when ever it fells like company(ha ha). So someone has to go to the back and push the pin over the lock and into the turret.
    Between myself and the other mechanic that work on the machines we have checked out all the adjustments, and for worn or broken parts.
    Like I said it happens randomly through the night. Always during league of corse.
    Please help if you can.

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    Re: pin lock out

    I've had this a few times myself,
    usually the que to change the pins over and clean them.
    I found it is the pins getting to greasy and slip back as they go over the pin gate, locks it before it gets the chance to get over it.
    other then that it'll have to be the cross conveyor belts them selves.

    just my 1 cent worth (The Australian $$ exchange rate is bad!)



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      Re: pin lock out

      The things I'd re-check:

      Make sure all the bolts that hold the indexing cam to the turret ring are present and tight.

      Double check that the strap goes down far enough to engage the roll pin in the pin gate latch. Also look at the action of the pin gate to be sure that it isn't pushing on the strap at the wrong time, causing gate to lock. You may want to change the strap even if it doesn't appear worn.

      Unlock the turret and grab the back of the stop yoke. If you can wiggle it diagonally, the yoke bushings in the turret frame or the pins that hold yoke in could be shot. While you're there, check the condition of the stop yoke roller, if it's worn, the strap will tend to "bounce" as the yoke stops the turret. This bounce can cause intermittent locking.

      If you have adjustable springs on your long turret belt, try backing off the tension to smooth out the indexing, a turret that slams as it stops is more likely to intermittently lock at the wrong times.

      Hope something here helps:



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        Re: pin lock out

        Just a little tip that Kevin reminded me of.
        If you do not have adjustable springs for your long turret belt run an eyebolt through the hole and use this for an adjustment for the long bolt. We all know that the turret does not need all that extra slamming action when advancing. Playball2hard
        Treat everyday like it could be your last day!


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          Re: pin lock out

          It is possible that you may have issues with oil or lubricates on pins and the c.c.belts ,but also check the condition of the strap(pin gate latch link) and the roll pin in the pin gate latch for wear. You can test the pin gate latch condition by lift latch above the strap and releasing it numerous times to see if it will fails. If it does replace parts causing the failure.

          hope this helps and good luck!


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            Re: pin lock out

            Mainframe pretty well covered it when he stated, lift up on latch and let it drop, if it falls and locks replace strap and pin. I only might add, do the lifting in an agressive manner, letting the latch slip off of the finger at the top of its height.
            My experience has been, only a dry graphite spray can be used on pingates.
            A much better fix on pingates is to use the vantage nylon strap with a bolt instead of the roll pin, however the bolt must be tight.
            On a pingate lock that does not have a solid front to allow the bolt to be tightened, drop a 1/4 in short roll pin or bolt in front of bolt, then tighten. The nylon strap has a slightly up slope to the ledge, but owing to its inherent lubracity, has no problems with stiff operations of the gate.
            Indeed its entirely possible to run this combination in a high linage suitation for two to three years.


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              Re: pin lock out

              To keep everyone in formed, there was no oil on the pins or on the cc belts. We could not cause the pin gate to lock by lifting it and letting it drop no matter how many times we did it . we turned the cc belts around so the cogs were going the other way, this gave the belts a better grip on the pins. That only caused the problem more often. when two pins have to wait for the turret the second one gets locked out. to mickey mouse a fix we put a lite spring across the cc just before the latch. It's seems to working for now but would like to fix it the correct way. The mickey mouse fix is only until an answer can be found to the problem. I hope this will give more clues to help find the problem.


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                Re: pin lock out


                I have experienced after testing the strap and latch it would not fail,but upon removal of these components and getting a closer look they were worn out. I would suggest that you remove the pin gate latch and see what the condition of the roll pin .

                good luck!


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