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Accelerator Mount interchange question


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  • Accelerator Mount interchange question

    OK, got one accel completely ripped out for O/H... (Well, emergency repair, leading to full overhaul ) One of the rubber mounts is ripped in half (isolates and mounts the uprights to the kickback framework)
    The catalog shows (of course) different part numbers for the two, but they ~sure~ look a lot like the pit mounts. Anyone ran into this, before, can I (safely) use pit mounts for holding up the accelerator? (Since, "1" We've ~got~ them here, and "2" they're readily available through sources other than big-buck-Brunswick...

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    Re: Accelerator Mount interchange question

    The only difference is the length of one leg of the grommet. Its to accomodate the large washer on the bottom of the original mount.
    You can safely use the pit mount with the large washer under it as it still comes completly through the rectangle nut,yet does not bottom out on the mounting frame.


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      Re: Accelerator Mount interchange question

      I find the rubber pit mounts work fine for the accelerator mount, but to make sure the bottom stud of the mount does not bottom out on the kickback channel (for rear mounts) I will run on a 5/16 nut then grind the stud down by 2 or 3 threads and remove the nut to straighten up the threads at the tip where it was ground down. This way works pretty well for myself, hopes this helps. I just wish there was a easier way to get to those things


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        Re: Accelerator Mount interchange question

        Definately agree, not fun to get to them!!!

        And, shortly after posting it, I found another section of their catalog that ~does~ show the same part number for the accel. mount and shaker mount. Hmm. I knew they looked similar A little contradiction between books, I guess. I stuck a pit mount in there (and after some welding and cleaning, it'll go back together...)

        I mainly wanted to make sure some prior mech hadn't cut ~that~ corner also (I've been fixing ~tons~ of "farmer fixes" since I came here.) Figured they'd bandaided it together years ago, which led to much worse problems...

        ...I honestly worry about some other projects taken on by the local powers-that-be. I can just see their work truck breaking a piston after 150000 miles, so they'd tear it down and replace the piston... and put the old rings back in cuz "they're not broke yet..." Story of my life, right here! Grr
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