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Crumbling pit cushion


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  • Crumbling pit cushion

    Anyone have any ~reasonable~ cures for a deteriorating pit cushion facing? The ~entire~ thing is chipping away, the dried, hardened, butyl rubber type material, maybe 1/8" thick over some sort of cloth backing, which covers the real thick part of the cushion, contents unknown... I'm not talking about the strap on cover, but the cushion material itself (the crud builds up inside the cover, and ends up "leaking" out the side, one chunk at a time, and finds its way onto balls, and various other pinsetter parts... and makes a disaster of a mess) I've seen patch kits for this stuff, but I think that's for repairing small chunks, not for refacing the ~entire~ thing... My best thoughts (aside from spending $600 for a new one, which is completely out of the question... even the $350 rebuilts are out here) is to take a putty knife and peel it all off, making it roughly 1/4" thinner, and put the strap-on cover back on. Any other thoughts, or preferably better ideas?

    Is this a common problem elsewhere (I mean, besides the other 11 lanes here )
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    Re: Crumbling pit cushion

    I have seen what you are describing, but only at one center. Others may have seen it more often. We did what you suggested...scrape the bad stuff off. Underneath is supposed to be vulcanized rubber. We then covered the cushion with the new style urethane cover. We would use the Fel-Pro patch material bought from an automotive paint supplier (was a little cheaper than Brunswick then) to patch any areas that deteriorated bad enough to expose the metal plate. I have only used it to cover small areas, never the whole thing.
    The covers are getting more expensive these days...but so are new cushions. We are currently rebuilding cushions by welding reinforcing plates on at the mounting area, repairing any bad areas of the rubber and then covering them. We aren't having the problem you are describing here though. Good luck with this one. I hope this helps a little...

    Just my two cents worth...

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