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pin guide wires??


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  • pin guide wires??

    one more question before I leave!! lol

    one machine her has been having pin stops...
    the pins are sitting on the tops of the pin wires, balanced between the snubber and the top of the pin wires...

    the snubber is adjusted as far back as it'll go (and the right distance from the pins) and the pin wires are ok also,
    anyone got any ideas?

    it happens only once every now and then... but it's enough to get a bit annoying,
    plus it's one more thing I want to get rid of before I go!!


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    Re: pin guide wires??

    Usually its caused by the pin gate not locking in the neck of the pin as it passes over it.
    Again, all good luck to you.


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      Re: pin guide wires??

      HEy Aussie sorry to see you go.Good Luck To you. On your problem in a few cases I've had sometimes the snubber gets bent to high up in the bend. Its almost impossible to get right after it has bent in the bend. Maybe try a new one, see what happens. BEST Wishes to you in the future. CRAIG


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        Re: pin guide wires??

        the bent snubber sounds about right...

        the pin gate has been working fine.
        I watched it happen once, it only happened when there was a pin waiting on the cross conveyor deirectly behind the first,
        it was almost as if the second pin pushed the first over, but the pin gate had locked to stop it???

        is it possible to bend back in shape with out breaking it?
        did a bit of a spend last month and can't really afford to get one spare right now.. (and of cause didn't think of getting one spare!! )



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          Re: pin guide wires??

          Thats when a misadjusted pin gate will most likely malfunction is when a pin is right behind another with the pin gate locked. I would bend the pin gate down just a bit. About an 8th of an inch would do it. The pin gate should raise the neck of the pin just above the base of the pin behind it and allow the base to drop. If the neck isn't forced up by the locked pin gate, it will stay below the base of the rear pin and the base will flop up onto the top of the turret wire. This is most apt to occur at the #9, 3, or 4 spots. If you look at your calls(if you kept track of which pins they were on top of), you might see this pattern. Hope this helps.


          Just my two cents worth...

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            Re: pin guide wires??

            Tonight I changed a P.G. latch and strap (and CC belts) on one of our machines, and after I was done messing it up I noticed that if the strap is adjusted just a little to low and there are 3 pins close together on the CC the gate will not lock fast enough between positions because the shoulder of the strap was running right back under the latch roll pin (when it should have fallen off) when the gate roller comes back forward, however if the pins are spaced out the gate locks normally. Adjusting the strap up a little and retest and worked great with 3 pins close together on the CC.


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              Re: pin guide wires??

              Your adjustment is probably right on but one thing lot of people over look is "springs wear out to" One other thing that a few people have sugested is the actual gate it self, does it have a worn spot in it, bent out of wack? Is the bumper missing? The gate has a lot more to do with the pin delivery to the turret then a lot of people realize! I also found problems with the latch's from different companies being heaveir then OEM. Causes some weird stuff! Has any one oiled the pivot points of the latch in the last ten years? A easily over looked area!

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