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  • out of range now in-op

    Had to replace the hook selector due to the bearing died,now the o.o.r.lever on the rake shaft doesnt fall under the roll pin.I have changed sooo many hook selectors but this is the only one to give this problem.It will just sweep the oor pins away has stopped at oor but as soon as you pull the oor rod it sweeps pins.Real strange.A-2 i just go ahead and adjust the cross brace that the roll pin is in or is something in the detector flakey?OH...the rake was wacked,had to re-align the rake cam(it got spun).OTHER PROBLEM....if i flip that oor lever back down(it's flipped up for now)it prevents the rake sweep hook from engauging sweep block!Detects standing pins/strikes just fine and the detector is in time.Which way do i go,or just replace the detector? Thanks in advance for the advice!!

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    Re: out of range now in-op

    i had one of my oor stop working. had to readjust my rake hook. you might also want to check your link up on top that controls your hook. maybe?

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      Re: out of range now in-op

      If everything got wacked that hard are you sure you have the rake cam back in time? I would check the rake latch and make sure the adjustment is correct on that as well. I am not a great mechanic but these are a few things I would check first. I don't know what style you have but you may want to check the rake crank rod as well and make sure it's not bent and on the spring ones make sure it's not binding on the inside and not coming out all the way.


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        Re: out of range now in-op

        Nighthawk...the first description tells us that when you pull the out of range reset lever at the back of the machine, the out of range latch is not going on top of the roll pin. This is usually caused because the curved shoe strikes the bottom of the bellcrank lever preventing further movement of the curved shoe and collar thus preventing the out of range latch from going up far enough to engage the roll pin. This comes from adjusting the link from the detector too far due to the wear on the rake sweep hook link (12-250040) and its mounting roll pins. Overcoming the wear by adjusting the link leaves very little movement for the curved shoe, thus having it strike the bellcrank lever when the out of range lever is pulled.
        The second problem is exactly the opposite of the first problem. The out of range latch is being pulled too high during the cycling of the machine. This would normally require the readjustment of the center cross brace so the roll pin is in proper alignment to the out of range latch.
        What I'm trying to say is if the latch was flipped down and an oor occurred, your second problem would happen, locking the rake sweep hook out and pulling the out of range reset lever would not change that. Your first problem would only occur if the out of range latch was flipped up and the machine was running. The only way it would be running would be if the latch was flipped up so the sweep wouldn't get locked out. So, I guess you should replace the link and it's roll pins if necessary and readjust the center cross brace. Sorry for being so abrupt...but something doesn't make sense in your description.
        To check the roll pins and link for wear, hold the bellcrank lever firmly with the roller bearing against the curved shoe and try to move the end of the rake sweep hook up and down. If you have more than 1/4 of an inch of play, change the link and roll pins. Let us know what you find.


        Just my two cents worth...


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          Re: out of range now in-op

          Yah..i know...sounds odd! More info. Rod for sweep link is new,rake cam is in time,crank rod did'nt get bent just spun the cam.We have slowly been changing detectors and rebuilding them,most have had oor levers etc.,that we're worn out.We could have an oor problem,change detector and poof...troubles gone.Had an oor last night and it swept the pins away.,we have 3 with the levers flipped up and one does an automatic oor by it self,other one stops but sweeps pins.We have(in the past)had a service come in an check on the oor problems but he could'nt figure it out either,suggested changing detectors(s) and upgrading the internal parts for them since you cant get all original parts.I'm pretty good with a detector but not super detector man.Hopefully i can try a few things this week on it and if i find something will let you know.Thanks again for the input!!


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            Re: out of range now in-op

            Hey Nighthawk
            Like the earlier reply you can adjust the rake cross brace.
            You also can tap the roll pin in a little further so the oor latch will engage.
            If the levers are flipped up they will sweep the pins due to no latch.
            You can pull the oor bar and HOLD it back until the deck starts back up and this will stop the machine from sweeping pins.
            If the machine sweeps pins and DOES NOT stop in an oor condition check your detector rod adjustment.
            Also check and make sure when the clutch is engaged that the clutch arm rides HIGH enough to let the oor clutch stop to go under the clutch arm.
            Hope this helps.


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