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moving an A-2


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  • moving an A-2

    We are putting in new pindecks and after doing one, the pins were 1/2 to far forward. Checking the pin deck, found pin spots were too far back on the replacement deck, 1/2".
    So, I can either cut 1/2" off the replacement deck or move the pinsetter back.
    Tried it today but only one side would move and not enough to get me there. Loosened up the motor mount to front frame and the cross conveyor. Did I miss something else? Any tricks of the trade in moving a machine this much.

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    Re: moving an A-2

    Measure from the foul line to the head pin spot to see if it is within ABC specs first.


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      Re: moving an A-2

      Yes, you MUST lay a tape measure from the foul line to the headpin spot.
      It should measure 60 feet.
      I know there is probably a slight tolerance(maybe a 32nd?) but I would call my local asociation first.
      If it is a bad pin deck or bad insatallation and you move the machine when the ABC does there yearly check and finds a problem you would have to move the machine back again.
      Since everything was fine before the new pindecks I would think it was defective or installed wrong.


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        Re: moving an A-2

        It is a known problem with the lenght of the pindecks I am replacing due to manufacturing differences over the years and my lanes being a little older than the replacement were made for. (dont want to step on any toes of the mfg.) Some pindecks were 7ft with the edge boards installed, some were 7ft withour the edge boards installed. Will have to check the others that I recieved in the same shipment and see were the spots are on those decks. Distance from foul line must be between 60ft 0 inch and 60ft 1/2 inch. I got the 60ft 1/2, but the pins are 60ft !
        I just thought a little, ABC doesnt check the 60ft distance anymore anyways on synthetics, unless I tell them I replaced the pindecks - a least not down here in my neck of the woods.

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          Re: moving an A-2

          Ken Smoltz is correct on measuring from the foul line to the no. 1 pin spot for ABC specs. The correct measurement is 60' + or - 1/2" from the "center" of the no.1 spot to the lane side of the foul line.
          Their is no sense in adjusting the pinsetter if the new pin deck is out of specs. If the new pin deck meets ABC specs. it becomes a matter of moving the pinsetter.
          Start with the pinsetter at 270 degrees setting new pins, loosen up all connections with the elevator and move the pinsetter on the mounting plate or unistruts. Brunswick spotting pins work very well, these are place in the 1, 7, & 10 pin chutes and can reduce your time for machine spotting.
          If you are installing the pin decks yourself, be aware their are a series of ABC measurements that must be adhered to. The distance to the foul line is only one of them.

          Ed Jandreau

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            Re: moving an A-2

            I just thought moving the machine would be a little easier than cutting the pindeck 1/2 inch. I have moved them before but not that much. I was just a little nervous about cutting the deck and getting it square.


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              Re: moving an A-2

              Who's forcing you to cut the pindeck? The pine might be easier to cut. Check how the joint will be supported if you cut the pine.



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                Re: moving an A-2

                dont know much but instead of moving the pinsetter did u try just moving the deck? just thought i would ask.


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                  Re: moving an A-2

                  I guess I should have said these are synthetic lanes. After a call to the mfg today explaining how to cut them, it was easy. Due to manufacturing differences from 1986 when the lanes were installed and todays replacements, cutting a 1/2 inch off the front of the panel was needed. Was no big deal with the correct saw blade. I first thought that 1/2" of pinsetter movement was no big deal but now know that it is and cutting the decks is easier than moving the machine around.


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