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    One of my machines is acting a little weird the last couple of mornings when I turn on the machine and cycle it the deck goes down and it doesn't detect standing pins the deck just goes back up and it sweeps of the pins and set a new rack. It does these for 3 or 4 cycles and then it works fine for the rest of the day. Now we are located in georgia and it has been pretty cold hear lately in the upper 20's in the morning could the cold weather cause this. Because if it was a bad detector rod or something was wrong with the detector why wouldn't this be a constant problem. This only happens in the morning when the machine is firsted turned on??? Any help would be great...THANKS

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    A little more to the south of you in florida, but I had one machine stopping at 270 for about the first 10 cycles in the morning and it would stop. Damn it was cold in the back !


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      You might check your detector rod, if the jam nut is loose, the rod will turn and the roll pins won't be lined up right. PJ
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        may sounds weird... but I had a problem like similar to this at wher I worked...

        first thing in the morning it would continually cylce though... after a while it was half cylce for a bit, then it would work fine for the rest of the day!

        what it ended up being was the solinoid was slightly out of adjustment, which ment the plunger was crocked, which jambed the gear linkages a little, which jamed this that that that this and that!! lol

        once the solinoid warmed up it was able to pull the plunger streight and everything else unjamed!

        no that was a mind job figuring out after all it was doing!! lol
        but was simple!



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          sounds like your detector rod may BE misadjusted. try readjusting it from scratch. it can be a little tricky but just follow the manual. also i'd check your moving deck/scissor latch (flag) adjustment, your latch may be blocking out your scissors when it isn't supposed to.

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            Re: DETECTOR PROBLEM

            If you have Brunswick scoring in your center, you might check the cycle link and bellcrank that were added to the detector when the scoring was installed. If it hangs up it will cause this problem.



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              Re: DETECTOR PROBLEM

              The first thing I would check is the Rake sweep hook cam follower bearing, when the bearing just starts wearing out funny things can happen.


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                Re: DETECTOR PROBLEM

                The first thing I would do is go to the machine first thing in the morning. Set up the machine to detect a strike and watch the strike selector to see if it moves up and clears the strike cam follower. If it does, then does the D shaft rotate enough to put the roller bearing all the way into the low dwell of the timing cam. I personally can't think of anything logical that would cause this problem. But we have to start somewhere...right?

                PS Maybe a little moisture is building up on the D shaft by the oilite bearings and freezing it in place? Just an illogical idea...LOL


                Just my two cents worth...

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