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  • shotgun

    hey guys, i have a machine that i cannot get the trip arm close enough to the shot gun to trigger it.what am i missing here?i put a bigger cam roller in it for now but i would like to fix the problem the right way!the book is not really clear on this subject and i'm not a bruns. train mechanic . i go to the school of hard knocks. have you ever been there it sucks! thanks for any input in advance. laze

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    Re: shotgun

    it sounds like you need to adjust the trigger link. adjustment#5 in the service manual.

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      Re: shotgun

      Hey laze
      First check and make sure your gearbox clutch is adjusted right and the machine is stopping at ZERO.
      Then with the machine at ZERO check the gap between the C lever and the rake cross member shaft.
      There should only be a slight gap, the manual lists the exact measurement.
      You loosen the shotgun set screw and insert a punch into the holes of the shotgun around where the spring is.
      By threading or unthreading the shotgun you can get the proper gap.
      Hope this helps.
      Remember to go FULL turns because the shaft has a groove in it for the set screw to lock down on.


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        Re: shotgun

        If you are gonna adjust the shotgun in that way dont for get to check the rake board height if its too low it will drag the flat gutters and catch on the tail plank. Then you'll have to change the rake crank rod, after it bends


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          Re: shotgun

          thanks for your input guys ,but i have been thru all of these adjustments and still not right.i think the problems deeper than this.i have to see what has moved , i was looking @it today and i can't see anything .the machine is working fine , i can't understand what changed to cause this problem? when i find the problem i'll post.thanks for your suggestions!!!!!!laze


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            Re: shotgun

            Problem is, it could be anywhere from the pit cushion linkages on up. May sound stupid, but has anyone changed the:

            Pit cushion linkage
            Tri-plate bushings
            Pivot lever

            A bushing left out of any of the above during reassembly could give you a gap too big to adjust out of the system.

            Also, be sure your Linkages from the rabbit ears to the tri-plate and tri-plate to cushion are adjusted properly, and check the cushion linkage for smooth operation



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              Re: shotgun

              Sounds like kevin has the answer on this one I would look at the cushion linkage and bushings. If the follower bushings are missing that would cause a large gap! Best of luck to you.

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                Re: shotgun

                Measure your gap at the "c" lever part or the rabbit ears and make sure it is 1/4 inch from the sweep shaft...if it is wide it cause the problem you are describing.If it is wide:check to see if pinsetter is stopping at 0 as mentioned earlier,then check your shotgun length (this makes your 1/4 inch)after adjusting shotgun check rake shock adjustment(1/16 inch at 90 degrees)then double check your rake board heighth at lane as it sweeps.

                Keep us posted,


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                  Re: shotgun

                  I hate before I have to go to the book..most of the time I got machine next to it and check the adjustments and try to make it the same...then I go to the book while the machine is running ok and see how to adjust a new machine



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                    Re: shotgun

                    Jordan Your rake cam may of slipped from the proper dwell this will throw off the cushion linkage and make it hard to get proper ajustments.One good sign the rake cam is outta wack is that you can lift the pitcushion up high above the normal triggering space.And it wont trigger by the trip lever unless you pull really hard and force it.Check the other ajustments too the Clever and proper rake board and rake shock ajustments....Good Luck



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                      Re: shotgun

                      hey guys , the machine has been working good all week and i have'nt had a chance to get back to it yet .i have had a few other things consuming my time and for now it is good. i'll post as soon as i have some new info. thanks for all the ideas though you , guys are really great!!!!!!!!!!just think if all the guys an this site got together,what a major b.s. session it would be


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