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  • Frame Counters for PM

    We are about to re-do our front switch panel and I was wondering if we really need the old frame counters since we have auto scoring..the things aren't really right anyway..

    If we don't need them, I was thinking about mounting them on the pinsetters to schedule PM by, sort of like 3 months ot 3000 miles on cars. If i can work out a schedule to go by, say change oil every certain number of cycles, rather than by time. I wanted to get some other input here though, just to make sure there isn't a down-side I overlooked.
    The only down-side I could think of would be if the computers on all of the AS-90 score tables got fried somehow..Dosn't seem very likely though..


    P.S. I Love this net site!!! Only been a member for a few days, and learned more than I have this whole past year!! Keep it up!!!

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    Re: Frame Counters for PM

    i agree ace this site is pretty good. i've never worked in a center with operational counters. so the answer is no you don't need them. using them to keep track of your oil changes is an interesting idea, but i'm a die hard brunswick 51:20 man so i probably wouldn't use them. hope you like your new as-90 system, that's what i have in my current center.


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      Re: Frame Counters for PM

      If you have Brunswick Command Network back office/desk, you can pull up a lane usage report showing frames bowled per lane.



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        Re: Frame Counters for PM

        I can recall only 2 times in my 7 years when our AMF accuscore system flaked out - we could get the scorers working, but had no front desk control - and we had to revert to the meters. Most of them worked then, but they have all been ripped out now, not sure what will happen next time our scorers go out (and I don't doubt that it will happen...)


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