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  • moving deck

    a buddy of mine (which where I used to work at) has a machine where when at the start of the cycle the moving deck moves...not slams..forward about 2 inches which causes a moving deck jam...any ideas on what he should look for ..and if it is the gear what is the easiest way to see if it is [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Re: moving deck

    If the moving deck is shifting forward at the start of the first ball cycle, it sounds to me like the lower deck cable is a little loose. If its not then maybe the moving deck cam follower bolt is loose or starting to break off. Thats what I would start with.


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      Re: moving deck

      It doesnt sound like it could be a gear, but you never know with these damn things. If the keyways in the 1:1 were wearing out it would look like the detector drive gear, the idler gear and the detector 1:1 gear were skipping cogs as they run through a cycle, and the deck would jerk a little. But it doesnt sound like your buddy is getting that far. Hey Jordan(my last name) have you ever been to that center in Winston-Salem 24 lanes I think, where they dont run deck shields? Just curious cuz I was in there and it kinda surprised me. Hope y'all dont have to change a 1;1. Hope I helped you.


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        Re: moving deck

        I would be checking to see if the moving deck cam follower is lagging behind due to a worn key on the 1:1. The key on the spur gear could also be the culprit. Cycle the machine to 110 degrees. Shut machine off and grab the moving deck cam follower and try to move it. Does it move by itself or does the whole 1:1 move? Of course this assumes that the gear box clutch is adjusted properly. If it is stopping too soon, this same problem would appear. But I'm sure you knew that...good luck.
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          Re: moving deck

          Quote:]Originally posted by wmj1570:
          Hey Jordan(my last name) have you ever been to that center in Winston-Salem 24 lanes I think, where they dont run deck shields? [/QUOTE]

          whats a deck sheild? [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img] ..

          never been there..sorry


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            Re: moving deck

            Hey Jordan
            It also could be the gearbox clutch is slightly out of adjustment.
            It the machine does not stop right at zero the deck will shift forward some to finish the cycle.
            Also could be like the others said and the 1-1 cam key has broken.
            Watch the machine go through cycle and see if the cam skips or hessitates.


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              Re: moving deck

              Hey Jordan,
              It sounds most definately a 1:1 keyway [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif[/img] If thats the case you can adjust your deck cable and advance the gearbox clutch a little to keep the shifting to a minimum until you can replace the 1:1. Another thought..... I had a machine doing exactly what you are describing, turns out the point on the moving deck scissor cam was worn down enough, causing the deck to shift slightly when moving deck cam follower contacted higher spot on the cam. I believe (im sure iI will be corrected if im wrong) that at 0 degree point moving deck cam follower will be on the high point of the cam. I solved this by advancing the gearbox clutch a few degrees temporarily until I could change the cam.

              Hope this helps
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                Re: moving deck

                If you are talking about the machines in Durham I went over there 3 years ago and found the problem,they had about 5-6 pinsetters that the 4:1's were off one tooth ,the rake would catch the rake because the crake was advanced....instead of timming the 4:1 they just advanced the detector one tooth also,so now the 4:1 and detectors are out of time.The pinsetter stops at false 0 degrees and when it cycles the deck jumps because it is now just getting to 0 degrees.The mechanic at the time said he was going to fix the problem.Maybe he missed a couple.
                Hope that makes sense,
                Let me know if I can help,


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                  Re: moving deck

                  if the 4:1 is worn the 1:1 will look sloppy. make sure which one is at fault. Drain the oil in gearbox to find shavings from the 4:1, if none then 4:1 may be okay. If the keyway is worn on the 1:1 this key may be changed without removing the 1:1. sometinmes easy, sometimes not.
                  have fun!!


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                    Re: moving deck

                    Be advised that changing the key on the 1:1 if you are refering to the key for the moving deck scissor cam, after the key has started to wear damage could also be occuring to the 1:1 shaft from the movement and even the cam itself. Changing only the key may only a temporary fix. Its just a matter of time before the damage to the cam or the shaft key way will effect the new key.

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                      Re: moving deck

                      Quote:]Originally posted by wmj1570:
                      Hey Jordan(my last name) have you ever been to that center in Winston-Salem 24 lanes I think, where they dont run deck shields? Just curious cuz I was in there and it kinda surprised me. Hope y'all dont have to change a 1;1. Hope I helped you.[/QUOTE]

                      I wasn't going to follow this tangent, but somebody else did, so why not.
                      We run all our 26 lanes without shields. As far as I can tell, the shields (piled up against the back wall) are all originals, with lots of ripped mounting points and the repairs have started to fall apart. They kept falling half off, and catching under the pit light as the deck lifts, smashing the tube, damaging the light fitting, and lifting the pit light / step assembly so far that the support from the top of the frame bends, and 1 or 2 have actually snapped. About 18 months ago, the head tech pulled them all off until he could get enough money to do them. As part of a chain, budget decisions are made outside the centre, and there isn't any money yet. As an example, until we got a new head tech recently who is bucking the system, we had 2 spare deck chutes, both of which were broken ones held together with 4 layers of sticky tape


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