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  • Trying to organize

    I've got all the compartments and all the nuts and bolts but would like an easier way of getting a small picture of the item along with the Brunswick # and a description of the item. I am currently using Avery labels and have a master book that expains what bin the parts are located in by number. Does anyone know of a web sight that list every nut and bolt that can be copied? Since Avery uses Word I thought I could scan the Brunswick parts book, export it to Word and then print it on Avery and make any changes as needed. What is everyone else using to organize their parts and what type of system are you using to locate them? This sounds like a lot of work but I am tired of having 400 bins that are fairly organized but still needs work. The main copy for the master is on my CPU in the back where I keep inventory but it would be so much nicer to have everything labeled on each bin. I figured the Brunswick # would be the best since every company has a cross reference for them. I'm so tired of typing numbers that I will need glasses when I get done with this thing.

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    Re: Trying to organize me beat... I was proud of myself for finally getting most of this place's junk actually ~stuck~ in bins! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img] I finally got all the pins, bearings, bushings, and spacer/rollers in bins, with Quality #s printed on masking tape...'s a start! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img] I liked the Qual. #s, they were short... But I've got a few bruns-only parts there, too... that throws a wrench in things. I figure if I keep the Qual #s stocked, that covers ~most~ of the common problem areas... and I'll order a few extras/oddballs when I need 'em specifically...

    Sorry I can't add any actual assistance to the question, I too am in constant search of a 'better way' ...Figured masking tape and magic marker put me leaps and bounds ahead of yesterday [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
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      Re: Trying to organize

      Why don't you scan the pictures from the Brunswick Hardware Catalog and copy the images into a Word document?


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        Re: Trying to organize

        Organization...interesting question. I think every mechanic has his own ideas of what "organized" is. What works for one may not work for another. With that in is what I have done. I purchased (built in other centers) shelving from Grainger, purchased cardboard bins (1W765, ect...) from them also. Wrote the part number on the front of the box and covered the number with clear packing tape. (Keeps it readable for many years and fingerprints) Store the boxes in numerical order to make finding parts easy once you know the part number. After awhile, part numbers start to come easy, especially if you use them often. Adding part numbers into the system is quite easy, just slide a few boxes sideways and insert the new box. Boxes come in many widths to accomodate larger parts. For the parts that just won't fit into a box, (ball wheel, ect...) I have a peg board with those parts mounted on the peg board. If a pinchaser is looking for a ball wheel and can't figure out that it won't fit into a box...I don't want him trying to change it anyway. Those parts are kept in numerical order on the peg board.

        OK...thats my for me. No extra card catalog or book to keep track of where everything is...just go to the box...its as easy as finding the card in a catalog.
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          Re: Trying to organize

          Have all parts in bins on shelves such as...spotting fingers with hardware,deck rollers assembled with hardware,turret parts all organized and sectioned off such as...time delay gears with studs/bushings,locknuts.,clutch reset levers complete and with another space behind that spot with rollers etc.If we need a part such as spotting finger's on the deck section in a bin complete with spotting fingers/bolts/nuts/hex key.Scissors are in a cabinet with all necessary tools and spare parts.Odds are if we need a part then it's there PLUS the tool(s)are right there too!Just grab what is needed and go.,NO silly searching all over for tools/parts! I like being efficent and organized top to bottom!! The faster you can get to the parts the faster the repair goes(or does it).


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            Re: Trying to organize

            I would call brunswick. They sent me a serivce parts inventory record on 2 floppy discks.


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              Re: Trying to organize

              Like Steves set up makes for finding parts fast and keeps backend organized...

              looks like they got an awesome parts inventory there I'd like to incorparate that here with the budget we have it's going to take time but It would be nice!
              Thank You All! For All the prayers and and the out pouring of good spirits in my time of need greatly appreciated!


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                Re: Trying to organize

                i like your setup junk. with only a 12 lane center, not sure if i have the room to do that. might have to talk to my boss about doing something like this someday!
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                  Re: Trying to organize

                  Drill, I don't know about any short cuts to cut/pasting the numbers and such, but I went through the same process when I got here year and half ago.

                  My end result was to have the drawers/shelves labeled with a location id. The inventory sheet had the part numbers on it with the location cross referenced. I keep a printed out copy of the inventory on a shelf with the parts and there is a printed copy of the PDF catalog with it.


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                    Re: Trying to organize

                    My setup is similar to junkmonkeys. We built shelves and got parts boxes from Car Quest (the owners also run an auto parts business among other things, I think we got 100 boxes for aroung $50.00), they come with dividers and have place for name and part #s on both ends of boxes. I have mine seperated by Machine Assy. All table parts together, all sweep parts together, ECT. I'm with Steve on this one. Use whatever works for you, as long as you can find what parts you need it should work fine.
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                      Re: Trying to organize

                      my setup is the hardware bins you get at ace hardware. about 8 rows tall, 8 drawers wide. i have 4 bins like this. all part numbers on labels attached to the drawer. good system, works well for us. i also frequentlly like every 3 months go thru all the drawers and organize them. put the right part where it goes.

                      thanks again clint, the man with the plan who made the setup.


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