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  • Pinsetter Poltergoose


    We have Brunswick A's that have been upgraded to A2's This is a new problem
    or Poltergoose as we call it here!

    Lane Eleven runs without regard to either the control desk switch or the
    on/off switch in back. You can only turn it on or off using the breaker.
    However, the ball returns will only come on if the control desk or rear swithes are turned on.

    I would welcome any suggestions on my Poltergoose.


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    Re: Pinsetter Poltergoose

    I'd look at the motor start relay, bottom of electrical box, the one with more wires than the other (reset relay) odds are that over time, the spring that pulls it out has gotten weak, or the contacts have pitted themselves shut. The other possibility is that the contactor itself has pitted itslf shut, but IMO, the motor start relay is the more likely culprit.



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      Re: Pinsetter Poltergoose

      My first guess would be a sticky motor start relay.

      My second would be a sticky motor contactor, although I doubt it because both contacts would have to be sticking for the pinsetter to keep running. Usually when I have a stuck contactor, either the pinlight stays on, or the magnetic clutch is always energized, but never the entire pinsetter running.

      Replace the MS relay...

      [ May 30, 2001: Message edited by: Gawron ]


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        Re: Pinsetter Poltergoose

        hey mike have you ever been out to incredabowl or park lanes? were in the kc area


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          Re: Pinsetter Poltergoose

          Thanks Kevin and Gawon!

          I'll change out the Motor Start Relay and see if that gets rid of my poltergoose.

          CJW, I have been to Incredabowl but not Park. I have heard great things
          about Park lanes and have spent time at Westridge Lanes in Topeka which I believe was built using Park Lanes plans. I think Westridge Lanes are as nice a center as I have seen so I'm sure I would like Park as well.



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            Re: Pinsetter Poltergoose

            It was the Motor Relay! Nothing wrong with the relay, just a wire coming off of the time delay modual worked its way into the motor relay preventing it from closing all the way. If only all repairs were as quick and easy!



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              Re: Pinsetter Poltergoose

              Hey Michael
              I would check your motor contactor.
              I had the newer type contactors in my model a's and they were known for pitted contacts.
              If the machine is running BUT there is no 1st or 2nd ball light then it is pointing towards the motor contactor.
              And I do not know how gowron's machines are wired but ours had the motor running off of one contact and it was prone to sticking because the mag clutch and deck light used the same contact.
              If you want to troubleshoot it exactly get your meter and with machine stuck on take one lead to the contactor coil and one lead to ground.
              Check both sides of the contactor coil,if you read 115 volts on either side then the motor start relay is stuck, if you read zero on both sides then the contactor is stuck.
              I see where you found your problem good job,remember the meter readings if you run into another machine sticking problem.
              I also pulled my OLD model A manual out and see where gawron is talking about 2 contacts turning on the motor.
              The old allen bradley relay had 3 contacts and 2 of them were used for motor start in the 208 volt drawing.

              [ May 31, 2001: Message edited by: GRAMBO ]


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                Re: Pinsetter Poltergoose

                I see the problem is solved, but for future reference, we've had 1 or 2 cases where a machine was running because of bad wiring in another machine... I don't remember the exact details, I think somebody figured that we had two machines wired same but wrong, and we had 24 volts going through the frame and holding the relays/contactors in on the other machine


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                  Re: Pinsetter Poltergoose

                  Mike, The next time you get a good puzzle, give me a call at West Ridge. I drive past you twice a day, and my rate for good friends is just a cold Bud!!!
                  By the way, let us know if your team wants to practice on the Sport condition sometime.


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                    Re: Pinsetter Poltergoose

                    Mr Michael Fine:
                    As pertains to your twelve;
                    Poltergeist in the singular, Poltergoose in the plural.
                    Wife and I have been at Topeka ICU, for 15 days, not catching many phone messages.
                    You will have to agree with me, this is the best site ever conceived for all involved in the business.
                    Your friend:


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