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  • Spotting fingers

    Been thinking of trying the nylon spotting fingers from Brunswick. Anyone tried them? Would like some input on the subject.
    Thanks, PJ
    I'm going fishing and camping!

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    Re: Spotting fingers

    I ordered some years ago when they first came out, don't know if they have changed the design since then but I had some clearance issues with the hardware...the deck would hang up and not shift properly.This would only happen on some machines in certain pin positions.
    Could have something to do with the age of my machines and wear of other parts, but I went back to the aluminum ones and have had no problems since

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      Re: Spotting fingers


      i have to agree with russ on this one. i too used them years ago and had nothing but problems. they are made too thick where the mounting hardware goes and the moving deck will hang one the stationary deck in certain positions. i called brunswick to tell them this and they said that they hadn't heard anyone having this problem. which i knew to be a lie since another center in town had called them a few days prior complaining of the same thing. i was not impressed at all. i would advise you to stay away from them for that reason alone but another thing i could never get over was thinking about how accurate they would spot pins if you were to have a black out. i can't see the finger being that duarble and not bending with that amount of force from the deck if a jam were to occur. but maybe they've changed...but i doubt it

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        Re: Spotting fingers

        Nylon Brunswicks aren't too bad. EASY install with the hex head bolt and matching molded recess in the finger. That's a big selling point, if you ask me. (You didn't.)
        They WILL bend in the event of a deck jam. You can't fix that AND the pinchasers will install the steel sleeve from the plastic finger on the allen bolt for the metal finger they install as replacement. That never made any sense to me. I don't order them anymore. Metal is where it's at for me.

        Murrey once (maybe they still do) sold a plastic finger. These things were translucent blue or red depending on the LH/RH placement. Nifty to see from behind the machine but otherwise a bad idea. Chunks of colored see-thru plastic on the pin deck if someone said the words "deck jam".

        I don't think plastic fingers are worth any potential savings.


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